Families of the future will be in virtual worlds, including children with electronic pets


With the use of high technology that can provide the same sense of touch as a real child, some experts believe that Tamagotchi children will be the future of families. Their faces can even be manipulated to look like their parents.

They give us love and laughter, but also a lot of headaches, tantrums, and wherever they go they cause a stir and demand constant attention.Children are the best in the world but not everything is beautiful and in the most difficult times many parents just hope Ability to remove battery from child a couple of hours.

This wish, just a wish, but in the near future, it may even be due to “electronic chicken children“, named in honor of the toys that let us take care of our virtual pets in the 90s.

It seems like everything and everyone is entering the virtual world these days, schools, restaurants and even weddings are in virtual worlds.In this case, why not create virtual child?

According to artificial intelligence expert Katriona Campbell, it’s only a matter of time before there are parents to support. Pixelated babies in a virtual worldIn her new book, Artificial Intelligence by Design: A Plan for Living with Artificial Intelligence, the British expert also argues that these virtual children are more environmentally friendly and a solution to overpopulation.

“Virtual children may seem like a giant leap compared to what we have today, but in 50 years the technology will be so advanced that babies exist in the metaverse will be blurred things that exist in the real world,” Campbell writes in the book.

Experts believe this realism will be a free rider high tech gloves This will provide the same sense of touch as a real child and allow parents to play with their virtual children and take them to parks in the virtual world.

Children’s faces will also be so realistic that they can even be manipulated into like their parents. With the help of facial and speech analysis technology, babies will be able to identify and simulate emotional responses to their relatives.

Therefore, having a virtual child should be within each of us in exchange for “a Relatively low monthly fee“We are already on the path to creating a generation of electronic pets who, for all intents and purposes, will be real to their parents,” Campbell told The Telegraph. “

There are already companies working in this space through the BabyX experience, such as Soul Machines in New Zealand.the goal is artificial intelligence humanization And encourage humans to interact more with these robots.

the “brain” BabyX It consists of algorithms that deduce good and bad, allowing you to react to interactions like a real child. For example, if a parent praises a child, his “brain” releases virtual dopamine.

For now, that’s still just a prediction for those episodes that could inspire the Black Mirror franchise, but it’s certainly not the first time reality has taken over fiction.

Adriana Peixoto, ZAP //

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