Fans demand delay of Sonic Frontiers

Unlike the success of the movie, the new Blue Hedgehog game is not going well, Sonic Frontier. It’s still not good after showing a very disappointing gameplay video. Another video, this time focused on the game’s battles, raises some of the issues that have arisen: a request to postpone the title.

Sonic FrontierIn fact, the delay has been “suffered”, as the game’s original release prediction was 2021, but the Sonic Team team decided to push the premiere to 2022 to polish the game. But it seems necessary to give the project a “used” polish.

Aside from the dubious quality animations, the gameplay isn’t very pleasant. In the comments to the exclusive content posted by IGN First, you can see a similar reaction, “You can’t convince me this isn’t a glorified tech demo. It’s totally soulless.” Due to the horrific response to what’s been shown so far, # The hashtag DelaySonicFrontiers (#AtraseSonicFrontiers in Portuguese) was raised on Twitter.

#DelaySonicFrontiers If anyone thought that delaying the game for another 5 years would solve the problem, you’d be really surprised.

Here’s the hashtag you must use: #ReplaceSonicTeam

You’re waiting for a dog to learn to drive a truck and you think he just needs more time.


My brother is literally standing in the air.

A video shows how the game’s physics performance is much lower than other Sonic games.exist Sonic Adventure 2, released in 2001, the speed at which the protagonist manages to slide down an urban handrail is proportional to the speed at which he jumps.exist boundaryit just continues to glide effortlessly:

“I think the problem with Sonic Frontiers isn’t just ‘postponing’.

“I desperately want a new Sonic game, but I’d rather wait for it to be as good as possible!

This game looks so unfinished. #DelaySonicFrontiers”

The clamor for games to be postponed reflects a lot of the moment the team is in. After delaying the first film to improve the character’s appearance and bring him closer to what we know, Sonic has had success with two very successful film adaptations.

But for now, SEGA doesn’t appear to have plans to delay the game, which is due out in late 2022 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5. Will be the first game in the franchise to come with subtitles and menus localized in Brazilian Portuguese.

Source: Eurogamer

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