FC Porto – News – Venue 2022/23: Back to business

This Tuesday, the sale and renewal period for Estádio do Dragão’s annual seats will begin for the 2022/23 season. It’s time to go back to your usual place and enjoy exclusive perks that the most loyal dragons can’t miss.

After a period of restricted access to stadiums due to the Covid-19 pandemic, annual seats are also available again for new acquisitions or refurbishments, in this case referring to the 2019/20 season, the final season as announced last season , which is available as an exception when the season pass is on sale.

Therefore, the 2019/20 seats for these members are reserved until 7 July. From the 9th to the 11th, the exchange period begins, and for those who have already secured a place, sales will resume on July 12th.

In addition, the advantages of an annual seat include the possibility of being transferable within the usual criteria and, of course, the convenience, which means a guaranteed seat in Dragão throughout the season.

But the advantages don’t stop there. Annual seat holders are entitled to a 20% discount on 2022/23 kits (valid until 30 November), access to Porto B’s home game (only available seats) and other not included in the package, as well as exclusive access throughout the year Promotions.

The 2022/23 seat includes 21 games (17 in the league, 3 in the Champions League group stage and 1 in the League Cup) and is available in two formats: with and without European competition.

Expect a 15% discount for young people (3 to 25 years old), applicable to all Estádio do Dragão, as well as members of the retired category, applicable to the top, side and grandstands. For families, 5% off the purchase of elements of two or more seats in the same family: father, mother and child. To apply this discount, the household must be identified in the FC Porto system. This amount will be credited to the checking account of the member identified as the home streamer. Discount amounts are calculated based on the final amount paid for all seats minus any category or age discounts.

Annual seats can be purchased and/or renewed at the FC Porto Portal, Estádio do Dragão Associate Store and FC Porto Stores located in ArrábidaShopping, NorteShopping, Parque Nascente, Baixa and Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet.

For further instructions, you can consult the Lugar Anual area on the Porto Portal, using the email address Lugar.anual@fcporto.pt or calling 225083352 (9am/6pm – weekdays).

Retention Date:

June 7: Sales and renewal period begins. 2019/2020 seat members have reserved this seat, but anyone can purchase an available seat;

July 7: The 2019/20 seat reservation period has ended. Seats that have not been renewed will be released for sale or exchange;

July 9-11: exchange period.

July 12: Resume sales. Seats that have not been purchased will be released for sale or exchange.


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