Find out how to join the LGBTQIA+ parade on Meta Festival

LGBTQIA+ Pride Month is here, and the celebrations have begun – not only in real life, but in virtual environments too!the platform decentralization andone of the main explorers of Metaverse, is holding an event”Metaverse Pride” Includes a 24/7 LGBTQIA+ parade throughout June with events such as empowering queer voices, performances by African artists belonging to the community, and more! Check out the attractions and how to participate in this celebration 🌈

Singer Thalia posted the image via her Twitter account to promote her avatar and presence at the LGBTQIA+ parade in Decentraland.Play: Twitter

Starting with Parada itself, the event takes place 24 hours a day throughout June.When you visit Decentraland, you’ve seen everything designed to celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride. Check out some of the highlights that have happened or will happen during the event:

  • singer Thalia Will have its own flying balloon, which will join other projects blockchain will display, e.g. Immersive type This is known source;
  • fashion brand original penguin A physical collection was created for the occasion with a financial return to help the organization go all outand bring this collection to Decentraland so that the community can wear it during the festivities;
  • use the term “included“, similar to “Inclusive Content in Metaverse”, Embrace It will also bring a flash robot that users can hug;
  • Web3 based communities such as Unicorn DAO and Queer Capital Designs that reflect digital diversity will be provided.

Mastercard Pride Plaza

Decorations at the Mastercard Pride Plaza to celebrate lgbtqia+ Pride month during the Yuan Festival.Replication: Decentralization
Decorations at the Mastercard Pride Plaza in honor of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month in the Metaverse.Replication: Decentralization

Decentraland’s LGBTQIA+ march through with almighty and MasterCard, including the latter offering more content through MasterCard Pride Plaza, an exclusive building in the virtual space. There, unique NFTs for LGBTQIA+ artists were showcased and there was an opportunity to interact with people in the community.During the activity Mastercard Pride Plaza There will be events and activities related to the theme.

parties and shows

Apart from the introduction Thalia, and more parties will be held on the virtual platform. On the 24th and 25th, the New York LGBTQIA+ Parade will be held, the entire celebration will be broadcast in Decentraland, and the artists will perform Galantis, Above & Beyond, Aquaria, Gottmik, Violet Chachki, SG Lewis, Spencer Brown, LP Giobbi, Ty Sunderland and many others!

It will be possible to follow New York's lgbtqia+ march in the metaverse of decentraland.Replication: Decentralization
Follow the New York LGBTQIA+ March in the Metaverse in Decentraland.Replication: Decentralization

Brazilian figures will also be in attendance to celebrate Pride!Indigenous Cabo Erista Puma Camille will introduce capoeira – voguing and show all your talents. Other artists, such as non-binary FIFI, will debut at the event.

dialogue panel

To celebrate pride, we also need to stay connected to discussions involving the entire LGBTQIA+ community.For this, there will be a panel for dialogue with celebrities and community icons, which will be organized by David Cash, which persists in the Decentraland Foundation. Some topics have been raised:

  • Create safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community in the metaverse;
  • Pride and Commerce;
  • Café Queer: women, women and non-binary friends;
  • African Queer Artist;
  • Queer Gathering of People BIPOC (abbreviated as Black, Indigenous and People of Color);
  • Give a queer voice.
Also included in the agenda is a discussion group that will address various issues specific to the lgbtqia+ community.Replication: Decentralization
The program also includes a discussion group that will address various issues specific to the LGBTQIA+ community.Replication: Decentralization

You can still access the LGBTQIA+ March agenda at Decentraland websiteCheck upcoming events, dates and other details.

Bringing Pride Month into the Metaverse is an opportunity to open up LGBTQIA+ storytelling to a globally dispersed audience. With Decentraland, we’re excited to explore issues related to all the colors of the rainbow flag, highlight LGBTQIA+ people who often have marginalized voices, create space for the Trans & NB community, the BIPOC community, and even partner with Cyber​​Baat to create a group Highlighting queer artists working and living in Africa.

Decentraland Foundation Researcher David Cash Celebrations During LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

How to get involved?

Wondering how to check all this? Follow the guide below to find out exactly how to create your avatar and enjoy the festivities. Copy: Lucas Gomez, showmetech
Wondering how to check all this? Follow the guide below to find out exactly how to create your avatar and enjoy the festivities. Copy: Lucas Gomez, Showmetech

Are you curious and wondering how to have a colorful time in Decentraland? You’ll be there soon, check it out!

  • access Decentraland website – or through which the computer’s access application is downloaded;
  • Two options will appear: use some login walleton the left (MetaMask, Fortmatic, WalletConnect, and Coinbase Wallet are available), or on the right, you can enter guest;
  • Then you have to create your avatar the way you want to be seen and that’s it!you can now decentralization and.

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resource: Bloomlang.

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