Gaming is the main way to consolidate NFTs, experts say

Entrepreneur Antônio Neto Ais believes that the availability of in-game items and the possibility to interact with other platforms are important assets for the new market

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May was the worst month in the history of the still young NFT market. According to information on the “NonFungible” data page, the number of transactions suddenly dropped by 90%, which came as a surprise to many, including players and investors who decided to buy characters and other video game items such as Axie infinity, Bomby Crypto, Crypto Car Wait.

Digital asset expert and Brazilian entrepreneur Antônio Neto Ais pointed to some of the reasons for the dizziness of the industry and naturalized the hurdles, saying this is normal in every new market.

“With the boom, many people started buying NFTs influenced by celebrities like Neymar and Justin Bieber. With this speculation and the desire to have what celebrities have, the market is overheated,” stressed Ais. “However, after buying, people start to question their true worth, usefulness. After these reflections, the market naturally moves down because people stop buying, trading. But every innovative market starts it’s nothing more than a lot A reflection of buying these assets,” he added.

The gaming industry has helped lead the rapid growth of the NFT market over the past year. For Antônio Neto, the gaming world will be the main ally in saving digital and consolidating technology.

“The truth is, the NFT market is still going to change a lot. I believe the real value in entering this market will be gaming. Gaming is the platform for those who want usability and the possibility of commercialization to enter the NFT market. There, yes, there is a A real market value because there is a community that wants to own them, use them for a while, then negotiate, buy another, in short, find new objects they crave. No, these games will be the ones that use this NFT technology largest platform”, estimated.

“NFTs are actually still in their infancy. It’s a process of building and evolving. In the gamer market, NFTs will make more sense because players using online platforms value exclusivity. So, big games like Free Fire, LOL and others are inserting NFTs for their avatars. As players want to be the best, unique, they are starting to trade, trade on these platforms,” he stressed.

Another path that convinced the founders of Latin America’s leading blockchain firm Brasicompany that technology is the road of no return is the possibility of interaction between platforms that use NFTs.

“I am sure that NFT technology will be very common, especially when all metaverse, internet, e-commerce, marketplace and gaming platforms are integrated to be able to trade and transfer NFTs from one platform to another, it will be a good Timing After the systematic integration of all ecosystems, the market will grow substantially,” he concluded.

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