Gucci targets Metaverse, launches permanent city on Roblox

This Gucci back to gaming platform Robles. Following the success of previous experiences, the luxury brand will permanently own Gucci Town, a virtual space that sells some of the brand’s digital products. In addition to attracting players to scramble for digital Gucci, the company is betting and positioning itself to understand the virtual real estate market.

Gucci Town is centered around a circular virtual plaza surrounded by a variety of buildings and spaces that encourage interaction. This gives us an initial look at how the Gucci Vault – the business unit that hosts its Web3 work, as well as the sale of vintage Gucci and independent label products – will be explained in the Metaverse.

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In the Gucci Vault building in Gucci Town, an oversized retro desktop computer mimics the look of your original Sandbox trailer. There, a larger-than-life retro Blondie bag was on display. A pop-up window shares details about the item. “This bag was selected by the creative director for its uniqueness, personality and extraordinary vintage status,” reads the notice. “The bag will arrive in a custom package.”

While these physical packs cannot be purchased in-game, the store on Roblox allows people to buy digital packs, with access limited by metrics like their availability dates and player engagement with the game.

Here’s how it works: A GG Monogram Gucci Blondie digital bag, priced at 325 Robux (about $5), goes on sale for a week in June, only after people play 100 mini-games, create 45 artworks, and vote for 100 artworks items and complete 18 treasure hunts per day.

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Among luxury brands, Gucci is by far the most keen to embrace gaming and virtual worlds, and has been tested across multiple platforms including Zepeto, Animal Crossing and The Sims. His first event called Gucci Garden on Roblox in May 2021 won the Webby Award this April. Most recently, the brand launched the Gucci Game Academy to promote future professional esports players (not affiliated with Gucci Vault).

Other brands creating seamless virtual spaces on Roblox include Nike’s Nikeland and Vans’ Vans World, which encourage play and activity, offering products and shopping — but not central themes.

Gucci’s strategy has more recently relied on Metaverse and Web3 efforts. Gucci has purchased and is developing the virtual real estate of Decentraland rival The Sandbox.

Gucci was also the first luxury brand to introduce NFTs, and has since expanded on this strategy by testing various NFT discarding methods, now communicating via the Gucci Vault Discord server.

The brand built a large Web3 team called “Dream Big” with the expectation that virtual goods could become not only a relevant cultural entity, but also a potential revenue stream.

In March, Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri told Vogue Business, “Anyone who says Web3 is an excuse to sell digital sneakers loses focus and ignores its potential. Some skeptics question whether virtual world experiences can match the values ​​of luxury. Attuned – they question the purpose of the virtual world itself. Digital collectibles are a drop in the ocean, the boundaries of which are not yet defined.”

More about Gucci Town

Social sharing is also encouraged: the selfie section allows people to take pictures before a Gucci ad campaign. Other items on sale include skateboards, clothing, and playsets that use Roblox’s new “layered clothing” feature, allowing realistic 3D clothing to fit any avatar shape. Visitors will be rewarded for purchasing “Boosters” (an additional avatar feature) and virtual Gucci items through GG Gems.

According to the brand, Gucci Town will change over time with many challenges and opportunities for players to create and interact with, including cafes, special dance moves, and opportunities for people to build and view sculptures.

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