“Heterotop” from BBB 22, Gustavo Marsengo launches NFT in partnership with Liqi

Brazilian digital asset fintech company Liqi has just struck a partnership with self-proclaimed heterotop Gustavo Marsengo, who participated in Big Brother Brazil 22 and now intends to capitalize on the success of the TV Globo reality show to offer his fans an exclusive experience through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). ), which has become a trend among celebrities. According to Nonfungible’s annual report, this is no accident, as the NFT market moved $17.6 billion in 2021, a record increase compared to the previous year’s $82 million in revenue.

The pre-launch of the ex-BBB’s NFT took place in the first week of June, and the link on the lawyer’s social network was made public, which could be a shortcut for some Gustavo fans to get the NFT. But collectible cryptocurrencies can also be purchased on the Liqi platform.

In the case of pre-launch, Curitiba will go live and distribute 50 NFTs. Those who are already in the Whatsapp and Telegram groups, from the first registration, will receive the information exclusively, in addition to the advantages of participating in the early airdrop. Throughout the broadcast, the former BBB promised to show fans all the benefits for NFT buyers.

“We are delighted to end this partnership with the team at Gustavo. Following the brokerage’s launch, we are delighted to announce our first NFT with the BBB. We hope to contribute to the investment market through blockchain technology, allowing Fans are closer to idols. We have high expectations that Liqi will launch more NFTs,” said FinTech CEO Daniel Coquieri.

Gustavo Marsengo is also enthusiastic about the project, citing the collaboration with Liqi as an important opportunity to get closer to fans.

“I’m releasing this new NFT project and I hope you like it. Anyone who buys my NFT will have access to my exclusive content and unique events. So I partnered with Liqi to launch something really cool and I’m the first The guy who does it, I’m sure it will work, I’m confident in it, and there’s a lot of cool stuff coming out, still”, announced the former BBB.

While NFTs are a way for technology to provide interaction between artists and fans, it would be a mistake to think that this cryptoasset is something that “normal people” cannot obtain. So much so that 13-year-old girl Nyla Hayes decided to turn her imagined drawings of dinosaurs and other creations into NFTs. Ended up earning $7 million for the girl within 10 months.

Cointelegraph Brasil explains what it is and how to create an NFT for free: step by step, a complete NFT tutorial, from creating a digital wallet to minting the first crypto asset.

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