Hollywood movie car designer launches 3D concept car NFT project Y0 NFT

Los Angeles, CA, May 30, 2022 — Y0 NFT introduces its first high-performance supercar NFT, “Syntax,” offering automotive enthusiasts a unique luxury NFT whose 3D models can be used in virtual reality production and assembly projects.

Y0 NFT’s Syntax supercar was designed by world-renowned American industrial designer Matthew Cunningham, known in Hollywood for his expertise in advanced vehicle design, graphics development and feature film concept design, bringing decades of experience to the virtual world. Design expertise. Cunningham combines emerging materials science, aerodynamics, manufacturing innovations and cutting-edge technologies in his automotive designs to bring the unique luxury car market to the NFT realm.

Cunningham, founder of Y0 NFT, said: “Like all good design, which balances beauty, utility and theme, Y0 NFT design relies on the combination of a series of systems to bring a unique experience to each collector.” Each Syntax owner’s experience will vary based on the level of interaction, knowledge base, and time availability required to properly observe its myriad features.”

Using visionary solutions, advanced design and global strategy, Cunningham’s latest project will focus on environmentally conscious luxury sports cars. Collectors of the Syntax Y0 NTF will be able to compete in the Metaverse, park it in their digital garage, print it on their home 3D printer, or possibly participate in building a complete prototype. Holders of NFTs will also retain the right to build their NFTs indefinitely, or they can try out their grammars with their friends in the multiverse while waiting for reality to catch up with them.

“Our goal is to be one of the most useful collections of NFTs ever released,” said Web3 consultant and blockchain architect Nicholas Papillon. “Y0 NFT’s mission is to leverage a decentralized design, distribution and build pipeline to deliver world-class, cutting-edge limited-edition automotive designs directly to collectors, enthusiasts and gamers in multiple digital formats.”

The first phase of the project is planned to include the release of an exclusive limited-edition set of its grammar designs via smart contracts on the Y0 NFT website.

About Y0 NFT

Y0 NFT (pronounced “Y Zero”) was founded in 2022 by American industrial designer Matthew Cunningham, known for his expertise in advanced vehicle design, brand development and feature film concept design. Cunningham’s former clients include major film and automotive design studios such as: Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Netflix, Lionsgate, Amazon Studios, BMW, Toyota, Hyundai, Google and more.

Cunningham is a rare automotive designer with extensive experience in automotive design studios and film art departments, having supported and led advanced projects for multiple automotive brands. He has also contributed to Star Trek: Picard, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Space Jam 2, the Russo Brothers’ upcoming Citadel project for Amazon Studios, the popular Borderlands The film adaptation of the series game as well as the upcoming film developed the vehicle concept. A sequel to Godzilla is currently filming in Australia.

Y0 NFT’s mission is to leverage a decentralized design, distribution, and build pipeline to deliver world-class, cutting-edge, limited-edition vehicle designs in multiple digital formats directly to collectors, enthusiasts, and gamers.

Contact: Jessica | Email: jessica@y0nft.com | Phone: +1 347-504-1404

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