How Clinique’s Revamp of NFT Avatars Helps Create More Diversity in Virtual Worlds – Vogue

Discover the beauty brand’s move to open the doors to diversity in the multiverse (Photo: Copy)

Clinique Gives makeover Glamour in your profile picture in NFT (or PFP, an acronym for Profile Picture) format. The initiative is part of the beauty brand’s second NFT project to draw attention to the diversity and inclusion gaps in the metaverse.

For three months, the cosmetic brand will airdrop NFTs to 1,968 NFT holders of Non-Fungible Persons (3D hyper-real avatars) per month. People who receive an NFT from Clinique must choose to “burn” it to see skincare rituals and makeup, then apply it to their PFP or profile picture and avatar.

To this end, Clinique calls for beauty artist Like Tess Daly, Sheika Daley and Emira D’spain, create two looks – one more conceptual, the other more functional. There will be fewer conceptual looks: they are only 10% of the three looks drop.

Titled “Metaverse Like Us,” the project is in part a response to a survey that 20% of Metaverse users and creators are women; less than 16% of NFT artists are women; NFT value ratios for non-whites and disabled avatars White clones are 50% lower. The Non-Fungible People (or NFP) collection consists of 10,000 female avatars and non-binary avatars, 60% of whom are people of color.

Clinique (Photo: Copy)

Clinique collaborates with three artists to create skincare and makeup looks that complement every skin tone and style.

“This campaign is about creating more inclusivity and inclusive performance in Metaverse. We want to be a more proactive brand that blazes the trail for social platforms,” said Carolyn, senior vice president of global marketing, analytics and online at Clinique Dawkins said. “Art collaborators were also selected for their ability to challenge aesthetic standards and defend individuality,” he explained.

the design reflects some of the emerging themes within the space brand of NFTs: Committed to prioritizing digital diversity and the ability to “wear” PFP NFTs, the most popular of which include Bored Apes, Cryptopunks, and World of Women. Most recently, Nyx Professional Makeup partnered with new agency People of Crypto to host a non-binary NFT collectible and Pride event on digital real estate platform The Sandbox. Daz3D, a 3D content and design agency, has partnered with the Institute for Digital Fashion (IoDF) on a project to create a non-binary avatar with a beard based on IoDF co-founder Catty Tay.Other IoDF co-founder Leanne Elliot Young told fashion business It should be easy to add something like a mustache to a female avatar, but usually software with built-in bias.

The project will be promoted on NFP’s Discord and Twitter accounts, which together have around 50,000 followers, in addition to Clinique’s digital channels (it doesn’t have Discord). “By promoting the program outside of communities that already have NFP PFP, the hope is that it will also help attract new Clinique customers,” said Roxanne Iyer, Clinique’s VP of Global Consumer Engagement. While NFTs are free, Clinique’s e-commerce lists every product used in the look for customers to buy.


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