How to Make an NFT: A Handbook with Websites and Tools for Creating Digital Art

2021 news, it’s hard to find people who haven’t heard of it NFT. The topic is discussed so much that the British dictionary Collins even chose the word as Word of the Year. Also known by its full name, non-fungible token Transformed the digital marketplace by offering a new way to register and sell goods.

In short, anything can be an NFT, including artwork, images, and even tweets. But after all, How to make NFT? Simple? too expensive?

To show you that this is not as complicated as it seems, we have shown below a list of all the necessary steps so that you can understand once and for all how to make an NFT and enter this market.

What is NFT?

Before going into specifics on how to make an NFT, let’s start with the basics and remember what it’s all about.A non-fungible token is nothing more than a digital record of the project, real or virtual. In practice, NFTs are like digital certificates of authenticity.

When an item becomes an NFT, it becomes something unique and its owner is permanently registered on a network where anyone can access this information: blockchain. Blockchain is the technology that allows cryptocurrencies to exist and be traded. In short, it is a public storage database with no central control.

The first NFTs look as simple as still images or at most GIFs. However, as technology improved and these tokens became popular, other content started to register as NFTs.

Recently, the so-called “Boring Ape” has gone viral on the Internet: The Boring Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) avatar represents the boring monkey, consisting of 170 random features generated by existing algorithms. These combinations result in more common and rarer tokens with higher prices. Celebrities, such as player Neymar and singer Eminem, own some primates worth millions of reais.

What does it take to create an NFT?

You don’t need to be a big technologist to enter this marketplace and make your own NFTs. With minimal knowledge of tokens, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, you have been able to create your first digital asset and trade it on the internet.

Choose your NFT artwork

first, Define the art or format of the NFT. As we said before, almost everything can be converted into non-fungible tokens today. But if you’re just starting to venture into this world, digital art and illustration can be a great way to get in.

Registering the digital part in the NFT brings exclusivity For those who collect assets, this is one of its main attractions. So, think of something different, and for some reason, can be brought to the attention of those involved in the field. But don’t worry, there is now a market for almost any type of NFT.

Which market will you trade your NFT on?

Another basic step in understanding how to make an NFT is Choose your market. It is in these markets that cryptocurrencies are traded, open sea The most famous of them all. Using an intuitive language, it doesn’t provide a big barrier to creating an NFT, but it’s important to know that there is a 2.5% fee for every transaction executed in it.

Some other examples of existing marketplaces for creating and selling NFTs are Rarible, Mintable, Foundation, and SuperRare. When choosing a platform, don’t forget to check the supported formats and sizes for each platform when downloading files to convert to NFT.

During the creation of the NFT in the market of your choice, you will need to adjust some details such as the selling price, royalties (that is, the amount you will receive when your artwork is traded on the secondary market), and the title and description. For your work – everything is very simple and easy to understand.

The blockchain that decided to create the NFT

Choosing the blockchain on which it will be created is an important step in the process of making an NFT. Each of the aforementioned marketplaces supports certain blockchains, which can make a difference when trading your crypto assets.

For example, on OpenSea, you can choose to build your NFT on the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain.This Ethereum is the most famous and most used blockchain among users, but it has a High operating rate.

Polygon, on the other hand, is free to use, but the adoption rate is still small – it may affect your sales speed, but there are no major compromises.

As another example, in Rarible, Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos are used as blockchains. In addition to considering the value of each cryptocurrency when converted to USD or Real, always consider the options that make the most strategic sense for your sale as they will be used for buying and selling.

Publish your NFT

Once you’ve created your crypto asset and listed it for sale, it’s time to advertise it! It’s useless to focus on the details of how an NFT is made and lose all efforts to keep it out of the eyes of the most important person: the collector.

Social networks like Instagram and Twitter are great places to promote your art and point the way to those who want to trade with you. Also, consider joining Discord, a chat platform where many cryptocurrency enthusiasts from all over the world are.

How much does it cost to create an NFT?

The cost of creating an NFT depends largely on the tool or course you decide to use to create your work, and the blockchain network you use.For example, in Ethereum, the amount spent on a process is $70 and $200.

As we already mentioned, Polygon is a free blockchain. However, the platform will deduct a portion of the amount you earn after selling your NFT for the first time.

You don’t need to own your own NFT to enter this market

As we have shown, owning your own NFTs is not a difficult process, let alone unique to super technologists – a minimal knowledge of cryptoassets and cryptocurrency markets is enough to start producing and selling them.

despite this, Access this market without knowing how to make NFTs. Another easy way to enter the NFT world is to invest cryptocurrencybecause the two assets are intrinsically correlated.

For this, you can rely on Bitcoin Market, the largest cryptocurrency and digital asset platform in Latin America. There, you can find a secure network for your crypto transactions anytime, anywhere.

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