How will the Metaverse help agribusiness?Tonyco Novas

When we talk about the metaverse, we always keep in mind that it is the new version of virtual reality that everyone knows. However, this technology is beyond what we’ve already heard about. It is a shared space on the web that recreates a physical space in a digital environment. It’s important to note that the Metaverse isn’t just for chatting, watching live streams, or attending online parties. It transforms the physical environment into a digital one, making it possible to simulate the real situation in the digital environment. The application of this new technology is still being tested, but the agricultural sector is starting to use the metaverse in auctions, farms and crop simulators.

The gaming platform is the initial version of the metaverse in our daily lives. Afterwards, some sectors of society such as education and retail further spread gamification, expanding the technology. The agricultural sector is now using the solution to facilitate control of remote areas that require closer monitoring, bringing rural producers closer to understanding products and technologies used in other areas, while opening up new markets and professional qualifications.

For example, BASF Brazil, which is in the agricultural business, created a virtual world to showcase their agribusiness solutions in a fun and interactive way. At the Show Rural Digital event, examples of nebulizers were shown, and the use of these machines could be simulated through virtual reality. With this structure, farmers have the opportunity to act like they would in an in-person event, such as boarding a digital tractor, selecting digital coffee beans, and even feeling the texture and smell of fruits and vegetables.

It is very important to emphasize that this digital transformation, which we can classify as a “new milestone” in the Internet age, is already taking place and should grow further when 5G covers all parts of the country. This is because 5G will once again revolutionize the concept of convergence and interaction in all areas of society. In agribusiness, the situation is no exception. Although there is uncertainty about which applications are disseminated, rural producers will be the main beneficiaries. New technologies will provide security for your purchases of products and services, providing more detailed opinions where you will improve the farmer experience.

For the second edition of Campus Party Goiás, we will use the fact that the state is a bright spot in the national agribusiness scene to showcase our experience gained in the Campus Verso platform, we will discuss how technology is related to the metaverse, Examples such as the Internet of Things (IoT), virtualization and blockchain can help the industry further.

Despite the many negative impacts of the pandemic on society, the metaverse has shortened distances and connected people from all corners of the world. The expansion of this relationship, mainly in agribusiness, breaks down boundaries and can leverage business. Now, with more freedom to return to our previous lives, we can spread the experience more, merging the physical with the digital.

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