Hyundai launches NFTs and prepares for Metaverse

Major South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor has launched its NFT series and is ready to immerse itself in the virtual world. This is another automaker entering the NFT market, a technology that allows for the creation of unique digital items that are registered on the blockchain.

Many brands are using this technology to bring their customers and fans closer.

Hyundai’s focus is primarily on reaching two generations, Gen Z and Millennials. The automaker has created a Twitter profile called Hyundai NFT and has pledged to post its news in the industry on the social network and its website.

Focusing on Metaverse, Hyundai launches NFT series

In partnership with “Meta Kongz”, Hyundai launched its series of NFTs last Sunday (17th) to enter this market once and for all. The Meta Kongz collection was also created by Koreans and is well known among collectors.

Next Wednesday (20th), Hyundai will launch 30 exclusive items in NFTs for its fans, which they will be able to buy on the platform. It’s worth remembering that this is the brand’s first interaction with the cryptocurrency market.

The new range will broaden the brand experience, said Thomas Schemera, global marketing director and head of customer experience at Hyundai Motor.

“The modern NFT universe will expand the modern brand experience in a whole new way, especially with Generation MZ (Millennials and Z), further strengthening our commitment to real-world and metaverse innovation. We are very excited to introduce this through our own NFTs “Metamobility”, and start this journey with “Meta Kongz”.”

During CES in January 2022, Hyundai Motor showcased its MetaMobility concept, which is now starting to be implemented via NFTs. Soon, the brand should expand this into the virtual world.

Automakers and cryptocurrencies

In 2021, Tesla became one of the first automakers to buy Bitcoin as a store of value. At the time, it even offered the currency as a payment method for customers, but has since removed that option.

Another foray into the industry is Jaguar Land Rover, which in 2018 partnered with cryptocurrency IOTA for innovation.

Another eventual participant in the market is Daymak, a company working on an electric vehicle that mines Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

last week, Volkswagen do Brasil starts selling its first NFT series, sold out in only 7 hours. Fábio Rabelo from Volkswagen Latin America called the case a success.

“The sales success shows that we are on the right path, delivering the technology and products our customers want. Our initial choice to create an exclusive Volkswagen platform, rather than using one already on the market, is precisely to democratize NFT technology .”

This shows that the relationship between cryptocurrencies, NFTs and other digital products is affecting automakers around the world, which can help them get closer to customers and conquer new markets.

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