Influence on the Rise of Metaverse

last week, Warner Bros.gameand WSGNintroduced Cyberpunk 2077 And the impact of the culture explored in the game on today’s society.

the term”Cyberpunk“First appearance in science fiction” avalanche“, exist Neil Stephensonwhich showcases all the features usually associated with futuristic dystopian stories, such as the technology closely related to the characters’ everyday lives – namely cybernetic implants, high-precision weapons and futuristic vehicles set in murky, marginalized cities, the point Bright neon lights.

In Cyberpunk 2077, we saw it all.Set in a marginalized night city, the game CD Project Red — even though it was released at the end of 2020 — it took about 10 years to finally arrive at a new generation of consoles, and its development adapted and incorporated all the technological developments of the decade.

novels looking to the future

When it comes to sci-fi, the genre’s biggest draw is the variety of technological innovations these stories present. Floating skateboards, flying cars, cybernetic implants, and laser weapons infiltrate fans’ imaginations, making the novel seen as a predictive mirror of future technology in the 21st century.

And, with the dawn of a new age, the technological marvels imagined by many 20th-century authors have not materialized—at least not in the way they envisioned.Especially after the social distancing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, so-called Metaverse Gained a strong influence in popular everyday life.

Metaverse is a digitally constructed entire world in which users can freely simulate real environments, such as open-world games that allow interaction between users – we use Cyberpunk 2077 itself as an example – bringing greater immersion feel their narrative.

These “meta-environments” have grown to now cover areas beyond gaming, with large companies investing in this trend to promote products and thus reach new groups of brand Balenciaga recently in Robleswhile several virtual shows have been promoted in the game Fortnite.

The idea of ​​immersion and autonomy in a digital environment was not born in isolated years like this book”player one” and games like GTA and The Sims (an idea that has been under consideration since the turn of the century).

WGSN Research

The consultancy, which specializes in forecasting market trends, focuses on how cyberpunk cultural responses work and the 8 fundamentals that create uncertainty between digital and physical relationships.

According to Mindset, as more users follow Metaverse trends, the greater the advertising opportunities for brands to explore, with new products released sustainably on digital platforms — especially fashion brands, which have the potential to create Avatar works and reach more consumers.

Combined with the world of social networking, the use of digital influencers has been applied to increase engagement and product promotion among customers, in addition to creating stronger connections between companies and the public.

As the possibility of meeting new friends in a virtual environment increases, so does the ability to shape your own image and adapt it to digital media, using filters and 3D modeling to transfer someone’s physical image into the digital world. This also enables immersive digital experiences that were previously only possible in real life.

Another thing that is hard to imagine in digital media is the concept of ownership, both the information and the commodity itself.Now, through technology NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)it has a cryptographic signature that only the owner has, a fully digital asset emerges.

As technology continues to advance, its role becomes an essential part of everyday life, merging the digital and physical worlds in a natural way.

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