Innovation and the 3Cs of Metaverse – Small Business Big Business

(Illustration: Eva Uviedo)

Innovation is people. Our DNA has evolved to create and seek solutions to problems. In metaverse, this is no exception.

If we think about the short to medium term, this new space will create the opportunity to innovate in three big blocks, the three Cs: curators, creators and connectors.

The current virtual world lacks good crowd management. Curated like a museum. People who research, interpret and connect the dots to create meaningful experiences.

For example, for one client, we created an immersive training experience that included not only a virtual reality workspace (with people from all over the world), but also a nature-related social experience. Thanks to technology, it all comes together. It creates value, it is new. This is where human creativity and ingenuity shine.

All of these curated experiences require the production of content and technology. Designers, developers, and writers who can collectively understand experiences are in high demand.

It’s not about game development or movie scripts, it’s about feeling where a particular customer segment is headed or the innovations they’re asking for; and building new digital that can be consumed in digital spaces (e.g. fitness experiences) and connected to the physical world (fitness communities) product.

If we only consider what virtual and augmented reality can do for children’s education, we will be able to revolutionize the way we think about content. We will be able to significantly increase retention, accelerate learning, and engage children in the real creative process, while teaching them to use technology constructively and actively, not just passive consumers.

Once again, the role of the community is critical to creating value in the metaverse. The question here is not about “DAOs” (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), the crypto world, etc., but more about old-fashioned wiretapping. Democracy and innovation are not about getting people to directly participate in decision-making within a community, but about allowing them to be heard and able to influence and create value for someone.

Future marketers in the Metaverse will be mostly connectors, listeners to other people. They don’t become “community managers” because communities are unmanageable. But they will engage in an infinite A/B testing mode, linking what they actively listen to or observe.

Through collaboration, the 3Cs of the Metaverse will innovate by turning all of these into solutions to real-world problems, creating a business space full of opportunity for everyone.

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