Internet Explorer is not supported and causes problems in Japan

This Microsoft decision to stop supporting Internet Explorer Since last Wednesday, June 15, several government and business establishments in Japan have experienced functional issues.

The reason is that, although rarely used worldwide, the Japan There are still many platforms that have yet to migrate to other programs, and employees continue to be forced to use Internet Explorer for various functions that are critical to the proper functioning of the company.

Websites optimized for Internet Explorer are not ready for change

Computer Engineering & Consulting (CEC) has been unable to handle the number of help requests they have received in Japan since April 2022. These requests come from various financial institutions, government agencies, and large corporations that still optimize their websites for Internet Explorer.

The company claims that the end of support for Microsoft’s browser has been around for a while, but the company is delaying the steps it will have to take until that day, and they don’t have a full system migration.

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According to the specialist firm, the delay eventually caused several services to start malfunctioning in normal operation, a situation that should last for several months.

Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 27 years ago, and while many users have migrated to other alternatives long ago, there are still About 49% of users approve of its usefulness in the work environment.

The browser in question isn’t just for opening websites. It is in this way that many companies monitor employee attendance and the platforms they use to communicate with other internal work tools. Some government agencies in Japan even require some forms to be filled out via Internet Explorer.

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Several circumstances led to the fact that in mid-2022, Microsoft’s browser, now out of corporate support, was critical for many companies to operate under conditions, which led to even greater confusion with the end of support for Internet Explorer .

Internet Explorer became the default browser in 1995, and in 2009 captured about 65% of the market. Later, its market price began to fall rapidly, reaching a price that is 1% below the market today.

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One of the reasons companies and consumers keep switching to another browser is that it doesn’t meet certain standards of current technology. According to experts, Internet Explorer does a poor job of supporting JavaScript and other programming languages.

The decline of Internet Explorer coincided with the sudden growth of Internet browsers. Google Chrome currently holds about 65% market share.

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