Is baby hungry? Death Star seen as ‘eats itself’, according to NASA

This is the first time astronomers have observed that a white dwarf is consuming rocky metal and icy material that has its own composition.

(Photo: Propaganda/NASA)

NASA sees former star (white dwarf) ‘eats itself’

file data telescope NASA’s Hubble Space Station and other agency observatories are essential in diagnosing this condition “Cosmic Self Cannibalism”.

according to NASAthe findings help describe the violent nature of evolving planetary systems and can tell astronomers about the composition of newly formed systems.

The findings are based on an analysis of substances trapped in the atmosphere Nearby white dwarf star G238-44. White dwarfs are like sunafter it shed its outer layers and stopped burning fuel through nuclear fusion.

According to UCLA principal investigator and recent graduate Ted Johnson, “We’ve never seen both types of objects clustered together on a white dwarf at the same time.”

Johnson also claims that by studying these white dwarfs, one hopes to better understand planetary systems that are still intact.

Earth is very full. That will be?

The findings are also intriguing, as small icy objects are thought to have collided with and “watered” dry, rocky planets in the solar system.

It is believed that billions of years ago, comets and asteroids supplied Earth with water, creating the conditions necessary for life as we know it.

The composition of the detected objects and possible “rainfall” on the white dwarf suggests that icy reservoirs may be common in planetary systems, Johnson said.

The theory of planetary system evolution describes the transition between red giant and white dwarf phases as a chaotic process.

Small bodies like asteroids and dwarf planets can venture close to giant planets and be sent to stars.

Although astronomers have cataloged more than 5,000 exoplanets, the only planet we have any direct knowledge of what their interiors are made of is Earth.

White dwarf cannibalism offers a unique opportunity to further study planets and find out what they were made of as they formed around stars.

Iron detected in very high abundance is evidence for metallic cores on terrestrial planets like Earth, Venus, Mars and Mercury. The unexpectedly high abundance of nitrogen led them to conclude that ice bodies were present.

Researchers are studying evolution’s final scenario sun5 billion years later.

Earth can evaporate completely along with the other planets in our system. But many asteroids’ orbits would be perturbed by Jupiter’s gravitational pull, eventually falling into the white dwarf that the remaining sun would become. This means: we can have this purpose too.

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