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The Labour Court of the 14th District, which covers the states of Rondônia and Acre, held its first event on Metafest this Monday (6 June). The experience took place at the First Labour Court in the State of Gibarana (RO), which presented its space for the first time in a virtual world as part of the Week Against Child Labour, with a special schedule of events.

The judiciary, a pioneer in the creation of virtual counters in the judiciary, has now joined VT in Colíder (MT) as the second labor court in Brazil to position itself in this virtual world. The immersive experience was part of a pilot project directed in partnership with View3D Studio, which created a digital version of the unit for JT for free, with national visibility and repercussions, coordinated by Bernardo de Azevedo.

The first moments in surreal reality were coordinated by Carlos Antonio Chagas Junior, the nominal labor judge of the 1st VT of the State of Gibarana (RO), who called the Ministry of Public Labor (MPT), the Municipal Ministry of Social Assistance and Family (Semasf), the Guardianship Consultants, members of the Professional Reference Centre for Social Assistance (Creas), as well as magistrates, civil servants, labour court trainees, the role of each agency in combating children at this time labour. Among the authorities, the Labour Judge, Member of the Regional Committee for Combating Child Labour and Encouraging Learning, Regional Labour Court of the 14th Region (RO/AC), Fernanda Simões Cavalcante Maenishi, Prosecutor Luísa Azevedo Brugnoli Ribeiro Acting Judge Ji-Paraná (RO) Municipal Labour Prosecutor Jéssica Alves Resende Freitas, Labour Director of the First Office of the Officer, and Ana Maria Vizeli, Secretary of the City of Semasf.

After the Metaverse incident, the relevant personnel personally participated in the pole of a dialogue circle, thus deepening the discussion. “This is a very important meeting, as they are people who are directly fighting child work, and with their participation, it is possible to discuss mechanisms of cooperation between agencies,” the magistrate explained.

“Using technology tools in virtual reality that simulates the entire environment of a physical unit and provides a true immersion, with the possibility to interact with the environment, such as watching institutional videos of digital TRTs and watching links to hearings in live Zoom sessions, and Interaction with other avatars. The experience is incredible and the tool expands the potential of social projects already in place”, Carlos Chagas stressed, stating that the immersive virtual environment will be used for actions aimed at social projects and that no procedural behavior is prescribed practice.

the court provided a Step by step Avatars are added to unity’s metaverse environment through the AltspaceVR app, available for free from the Microsoft Store.


This week, Metaverse Space will be the stage for several actions directed by the Gibarana State Labor Court, including versions of JT’s social responsibility programs, such as JT Vai à Escola and JT Vai à Empresa. This Tuesday (July 6th), lectures on this topic will be scheduled for high school students in Porto Velho, legal scholars and indigenous people of the Suruí community. On the same day, there will also be interviews in the local media and presentations on the unit’s virtual space and a debate on digital law with the Brazilian Bar Association’s branch in Gibarana.

On Wednesday (June 8), the program will be taught in person at José Francisco dos Santos National Elementary and High School, with a presentation in action by the orchestra of Associação de Amigos, and a lecture MPT participation with students. So, on Thursday (September 6), the Week Against Child Labour will return to virtual reality with a lecture with the Bolivian consulate.

On 10/6, the company Laticínio Canaã will host magistrates and attendants in person to discuss child labor and safe work. Finally, to wrap up the special, they went to the Suruí indigenous community to watch a version of Justiça do Trabalho Vai à Escola.


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