João Doria Neto pays 1 million reais for “Dream NFT” and defends the use of blockchain in public administration

On the evening of April 26 last year, a copy of the popular non-fungible token (NFT) CryptoPunks #7964 was sold on the OpenSea marketplace platform for 70.7 ETH, close to $200,000, or about 1 million real ETH, On that day, it was worth just over $2,800. Since then, the cryptocurrency of the major smart contract network has fallen by more than 50%, as ether changed hands at around $1,200 on Tuesday afternoon.

The losses did not appear to dampen the enthusiasm of NFT buyer João Doria Neto, the son of former Sao Paulo governor João Doria, although investors have lost around $110,000, or close to R$570,000.

In the “Direto da Fonte” column edited by journalist Gilberto Amendola of the O Estado de São Paulo newspaper, João Doria Neto revealed that he has always wanted an NFT CryptoPunk, which he lists as the main item in his collection, consisting of 18 components . According to Doria Neto, “It was this collection that inspired the technological revolution we are going through.”

You mistakenly believe that the “CryptoPunk of your dreams” is the top of the collection of the Business Leaders Group (LIDE) consultants. According to an investor profile on OpenSea, João Doria Neto is the current owner of Lichterloh – Black #3 in the Automorph series, which the investor sold for 70 ETH, or about $85,900, or about Rs 440,000.

The Automorph series of NFTs represents a series of generative videos that explore human (self) consciousness, change, and manipulation related to issues that shape who we are, how we manipulate ourselves, and how we deal with emotions, according to an analysis of cryptoassets, according to The contents of the Market Map Notice are not advised to the buyer.

In addition to NFTs, João Doria Neto added that his interest in technology goes beyond collectibles and his investments. He emphasized that he believes in blockchain and sees the applicability of transaction-recording technology in both the private sector and public policy.

“This will be a revolution – reducing bureaucracy, transparency in transactions and the use of public funds,” he believes.

Although his copy of CryptoPunk has lost market value, João Doria Neto has profited from NFT resale. For example, in March, he made over 200,000 BRL by selling copies of his CloneX avatar collection, which at the time represented a 500% gain for investors, Cointelegraph Brasil reported.

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