Joao Malero responds to Vieira: ‘It’s disgusting’ – Benfica

Benfica’s former communications director, João Malheiro, is Luis Felipe Vieira harshly criticized target The latter did in an interview with CMTV. “It’s a repulsive thing. I never thought I’d be targeted in such a long way before talking about myself. Luis Felipe Vieira’s great offense to memory. From yo Sebio came in as an alcoholic, an addict and a bad guy. What we heard. This is someone who claimed to be more or less close to Eusebio, who could be on TV in front of thousands The last thing that tens of thousands of people said. It’s done Vieira,” said Malero at the start, also in response to the former Eagles leader’s personal criticism.


“As far as I’m concerned, I just want to say the following: I have a long relationship with Eusebio, going back to the 90s. It’s a daily interaction. I’ve been to different latitudes with him. I Always give myself zero pay. I never pay anything. All Eusebio’s words, we know not literati, are written by me. I write music in the way Eusebio once said. Until I close It just happens.. when you say he’s not a friend… how could it not be Eusébio’s friend and vice versa? Eusébio attended my birthdays in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Party, he’s just not in 2014 because he’s already said goodbye. I used to have big birthday parties, and in honor of Eusébio, I’ve never had one again!”, he reasoned.

The Book of Eusebio’s Life and the Last Days

“The implication left here is that I will make money through Eusebio’s account. I clarify Mr. Vieira. The book was first published in 1998 on behalf of Eusebio and Rogerio Alves dr. that doesn’t mean i didn’t take care of eusébio. for the author, for those who know the book market, it’s a reduction. when the book came out, i was sure 60% was for eusébio and 40% for Me. Rogério Alves himself told me it should be 50/50. Eusebio was my childhood idol, I was calling Eusebio and Benfica before I knew he was Malero. I gave the rights Benfica! I didn’t make a penny. That’s what President Rui Costa said in his speech. Vieira remembers that 2010 was the 50th anniversary of Eusebio in Lisbon, and you invited me to an event about Eusebio The show? The premiere has Vieira, Eusebio, and me as the writers of the text. Unless something unusual happens, I ask how this is possible. The last two times, my Physically with Eusebio, the penultimate one was a month before his death. It was Eusébio who asked me to accompany me to open a restaurant in Vila Franca de Xira or Alverca, which I know is by the Tagus River. I am very happy Go, I couldn’t say no. The last time I was with Eusebio, a few days before the fatal day, we were traveling in a car driven by Antonio Calderina. We went to Seixal for lunch, in Naide The restaurant owned by Gomes eats African food and he is a sports player. We spent the day together. Can someone who is not on the same page as Luís Filipe Vieira suggest to be able to share a moment like this before he closes his eyes This is unbelievable! I can only explain this, I didn’t say anything about Dona Flora because luckily she’s still alive and it has to do with Dona Flora. I can say I Attended Eusebio’s funeral and there is a photo I still get emotional looking at it, of me kissing Eusebio on the forehead at the main entrance of Luce Stadium. As Vieira said, it’s true, I woke him at dawn. I woke three people: Vieira, and Tony and Simmons before him. They were the two closest to Eusebio. Why did Vieira say that? Ella is skeptical. Confuses general issues with personal ones. I remember an interview with TVI four years ago when he said the opposition didn’t exist: ‘That’s Malero and Simmons,’ he said.”


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