Jonas and Operation Lost: «They want to clarify my contract with Benfica» – Benfica

In an exclusive interview with BTV this Thursday, former Benfica striker Jonas explained his troubles when he arrived in Portugal last Monday, when he was detained at Humberto Delgado airport and became the subject of a “runaway” case. defendant. The former player denies any wrongdoing and said he is “ready to clarify everything that Portugal’s finance authorities have found”. “First of all, to say that everything was fine. A lot of things came out, which is normal. My wife and I ended up arriving on a Tuesday, and when I got to the airport, they made me wait because they wanted to talk to me about my data. Some updates: my address in Brazil, my phone because they still have old data from when I lived here, when I played at Benfica. They even made some jokes, a sports era. That’s it. No What did I have to stay there. Staff called to ask if I was in jail and if everything was fine and I said, “I’m having dinner, that’s ok. “That’s ok. Here’s more data updates. On the finances, yes. I have some clarifications about my contract with Benfica. Myself and my family are very open about it. What if you need me, you Can count on all my information. [Pode sair de Portugal?] In two days, I’ll be back with my family, in Brazil,” the former Eagles forward began.


Jonas 'unhappy and surprised' at being detained at Lisbon airport

Is there anything to be afraid of?

“I have never had any problems with this in my career. I have a brother who is my lawyer and he has been carrying out my contract, so we are very calm and ready to clarify all thoughts of Portuguese finance And what needs to be done “Is it illegal? Far from it. The important thing is to always sign the contract within the law, which has been done in all clubs I’ve been in, and Benfica is no exception. “

Not afraid that this episode will affect your image?

“No, I hope it doesn’t affect anything. I’ve never had a problem with me in the five years I’ve been here. I’ve always been professional, simple, and I’m almost always nice to most people. Portuguese”, he ended.

Looking back on March 4, 2020, Operation “Out of Play” resulted in the formation of 47 defendants (24 legal persons and 23 individuals), including SAD de Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting, Luís Filipe Viera, Pinto da Costa, Frey Dereco Varandas, and President of Sp. Braga, V. Guimarães, Portimonense, Marítimo and Estoril. Jorge Mendes, the owner of Gestifute, was also named as a defendant. Rio Ave has also been searched, and authorities are looking for a contract with former coach Pedro Martins.

The risk is “suspected simulated business between football clubs and third parties”. “The value will be around 15 million euros. The facts being investigated may include crimes such as tax fraud, social security fraud and money laundering,” DCIAP explained at the time.


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