Journalist from Porto Alegre finances purchase of property in Rio Grande do Sul with NFTs as collateral

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“As a casual worker, I ended up without traditional means of proof of income, such as a salary. I always found it a barrier to getting bank financing, especially since I didn’t have any money saved as collateral. Netspaces’ solution made it easier to I was able to finance my house. It was very valuable for me and my children,” explains Docelina.

The property purchased is an apartment Two bedrooms with parking space, 47 sqm private area, in Sarandi neighborhood. The apartment is well equipped with 24 hour concierge service, party room, swimming pool, bike rack and sports court.

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Temporary workers receive approximately R$ 3,000 per month, and the financing will be paid in installments of R$ 1,500 over a period of approximately 16 years.

Docelina will receive the keys to her own home this Thursday afternoon (28th).

“This day is very special for me and my kids because it’s a dream of mine to leave a home for them. As a casual worker, I can never get over it. Honestly, I still don’t believe it ‘, he told g1.

According to Guarida Imóveis, the real estate agent in charge of the sale, Docelina found the property in a traditional way in her real estate portfolio and contacted the company.

“We received her intent to purchase this particular property and with the client’s profile and background on the desired property, we found that this was the solution to make this property viable. It was a portal for Dona Dosselina , many people will be, to realize the dream of their home in a more flexible way”, emphasizes Júlia Dal Santo, CEO of Guarida.

Netspaces director Jonathan Doering Darcie explained that the technology is designed to facilitate the real estate buying and selling process.

“There is no need to go through the traditional process involving some public action, a little more time and you migrate to a universe where you have electronic transactions, there is a new object, which is an NFT. You want what it carries with it, it is a set of properties right”.

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NFTs are tokens with a specific set of property rights. In Docelina’s case, it serves as a guarantee that she will be able to get an apartment.

“What we do is change the collateral object, normally in action it’s a property, now in NFT it has the same value as that property. If you change the form, it’s more or less the same in terms of content,” Jonathan Say.

Jonathan says the whole process is easier and is designed to make the experience available to more people.

“The whole process is a lot easier. It’s a common experience that people have in certain market transactions. Traditionally it’s a very heavy process. When it brings ease, people see buying property as a process where it’s very Sensitivity, it’s often a person’s life property. When you’re not miserable from the day you like to the day that belongs to you, you have something easier,” he concluded.

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