Kingdom Hearts 4 will focus on Sora’s disappearance

Kingdom Hearts IV It was announced recently, but no details have been revealed about the next game in the Square Enix franchise. Legendary director and co-creator Tetsuya Nomura has some brief information in a new interview with Game Informer magazine.

Sora, Kairi and Riku should be the center of attention

During the talk, Nomura confirmed aspects of the narrative that some fans had already suspected: kingdom hearts 4 Will focus on the disappearance of Sora, who appeared in the city of Quadratum in the game’s first trailer.As such, the director mentioned that he wasn’t sure the game would have room to explore some of the fan-favorite characters that appeared in parallel games, such as Xion, Axel, and Roxas, from Kingdom Hearts 358/2and Aqua, Terra, and Ventus, from birth sleep.

“I’m not sure if there’s room to really explore other characters’ narratives, but the team and I know they’re popular and fans want to see more of them. So it’d be nice to include more information about them if possible, or Continue to share more of their stories in future opportunities,” the director said.

Although Nomura did not mention this in the interview, it is very likely that kingdom hearts 4 Reveal more about Yozora, a character who briefly appeared in the saga’s predecessor. After all, he’s where Sora is, and Strelitzia, the girl in the trailer. Kairi and Riku, along with Donald and Goofy, will probably do their best to find the protagonist.

Sora will continue to be the main focus of Kingdom Hearts IV. (Image: Play/Square Enix)

Goodbye Xehanort, hello new villain

The saga focuses on the ending of Xehanort as an antagonist Kingdom Hearts 3 And, as previously revealed, the sequel will kick off what Nomura calls The Lost Masters.

“We’ll be exploring a new enemy character to continue the story. This new antagonist has a lot to do with the masked character that appears at the end. Kingdom Hearts III. They will be a hindrance to Sora,” revealed Nomura, who also recalled the existence of these characters Kingdom Hearts 2.8“We’re going to reintroduce them and obviously there will be new characters too, but we can’t go into details on them just yet.”

View image of The masked characters Nomura refers to are prophets who have their own stories in the film Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover (Credit: Credit: Reproduction/Square Enix)

Yes, Kingdom Hearts 4 will have Disney World

Since Sora appeared on Quadratum in the reveal trailer, some fans are wondering if kingdom hearts 4 The franchise’s tradition of having Disney Worlds for players to explore will still be maintained. Don’t worry, because Nomura’s answer is yes.

“Players will definitely see some Disney Worlds. It might look a little different from previous Kingdom Hearts games, but once players get a chance to play it, I’m sure they’ll find it’s definitely a Kingdom Hearts game instead Relief. It’s the franchise they know and love.”

The director also talked about the graphical improvements that the upcoming game can offer, noting that the specs of every game they make will increase rapidly. However, the fact that the graphics are more advanced may limit the number of worlds teams can create, and the developers are still evaluating this.

Quadratum will be Sora’s “base”

Quadratum is a new area in Kingdom Hearts 4. (Image credit: Reproduction/Square Enix)

Nomura is back talking about Quadratum, the fictional city in the trailer that looks realistic and heavily inspired by Tokyo.When asked about player distance kingdom hearts 4 Consumed on the spot, he replied:

“I think it’s going to be a long time because [Quadratum] Set as the starting base of the game. You spend time there, and then you go to a different world and come back there. Since the graphics are more realistic this time around, I feel that Sora’s daily life also has a more realistic side. You can see him going in and out of his room and spending time there. I think the players will be able to see more of his day-to-day life. “

For this reason alone, this is already a more personal aspect of the protagonist’s adventure, and a different experience than previous games. It remains to be seen whether Sora is alone or with Donald and Goofy (or other characters) when exploring these other worlds.

What about Final Fantasy characters?

Disney worlds and characters will remain part of New Kingdom Hearts. (Image: Play/Square Enix)

Speaking of other characters, with final fantasyAlso from Square Enix, one of the fan favorites Kingdom Hearts. However, the third title in the numbered saga doesn’t invest much in these cameos, precisely because it focuses on ending the Xehanort saga.

Nomura has made it clear that this probably won’t change much in the sequel, noting that this collaboration between franchises wasn’t part of the main concept. Kingdom Hearts. He explained that from final fantasy The first few games appeared more often because Sora’s saga was still in its infancy, and there weren’t as many original characters.

20 years later, with the release of several games, Kingdom Hearts Have a solid base of original characters (at best, let’s face it).Therefore, Nomura believes that there is not much room to attract people from final fantasy:

“We’re trying to find a good balance for that. I know some fans are worried and not very happy because they want to see more Final Fantasy characters. [em Kingdom Hearts 3]. It’s definitely something we’re thinking about. But given the plethora of original characters we now have, it’s hard to say what the exact balance will be and what it will look like in Kingdom Hearts IV. We still can’t give a correct answer to this. “

kingdom hearts 4 It has no release date or revealed platform.Before him, Square Enix will release kingdom hearts missing link Available for iOS and Android, this promises to bring important connections to the entire franchise’s history. The mobile game will be in closed beta in 2022.

Source: Game Informer

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