LX 50 is two years old and already wants to enter Europe

It has the Lisbon prefix in its name, but is based in Riacos, Ribat Jana village in the municipality of Torres Novas, and the club that hosts the club is still taking its first steps, but with great ambitions.

He’s already a European beach handball champion, but who he wants to be is in the gym. It’s still taking its first steps, and has been around for two years — although the first only plays Masters rather than leagues — but LX 50 founder and president Paulo Paiva dos Santos is already talking about getting somewhere accessible in Europe Contest.

But let’s do it in parts. “I played handball when I was young and we started having lunch and we also had some games between us, as veterans, join me at Sporting with people I played with, what we call a session of handball. This season we are in III At the first level, we had only one defeat, at the beginning, SIR 1.º de Maio, that is, we played 22 games and 21 victories and climbed to the second level,” told O JOGO Paulo Paiva dos Santos, 60 years old, born in Porto, but living in Lisbon since childhood.

“We had regulations in place and everything that was legal had to be done and one of those who played for Sporting, Professor Frederico Santos took over the technical command and with me, with my managerial skills, we Managed to get a good – established project”, said the club’s founder, who was also the founder of the Generis Group a few years ago.

“When we get to Division 3 this year, it’s either promotion or nothing. Now, we’re going into Tier 2, it’s going to be all or nothing to get to Tier 1. There are very strong teams, especially in the North, but, Sooner or later, we will rise”, he assured, having outlined the future: “In Division 1, we will play for Europe with my dear Berences, where my children play rugby”. Is it a conscious thought all of a sudden? “It was as conscious as when I went to Big Pharma with Generis. At the time they also said it was impossible because the big multinationals would kill us. Now they can say that,” he replied.

Still this weekend, in Torres Novas, with the LX 50 in the center, the name of the Division III will be discussed with Gondomar (north) and Naval Setubalense (south).

“The money comes from the founder”
“The money for this project comes from the founders”, Paulo Paiva dos Santos bluntly answered the questions asked by many. “I started Generis and then sold Generis. Then I got associated with all kinds of social work, but, since social work has a lot to say, I think it’s better to be involved in sports, but to win. After all, I know How much it cost, I decided to move on. So it came from my professional activities,” he explained. The team – the club has about 40 children – play and train in the municipal pavilion, and the venue is provided free, which is a help for Paiva dos Santos, and for this reason he has decided to pay back. “The training is free. We have a social conscience, something that my family and I have been applying for our whole life, and 1,000 euros a month doesn’t affect the project. We know the difficulties that parents have throughout the month. Sometimes they ask us about it price, because they may not be able to pay for two children and have to choose one… We never charge and never will,” he assured. “We have to give back to the village, what they have done for us”, the president of the LX 50 attests.

Frederico Santos in charge
Frederico Santos has been with Sporting for 13 consecutive years, as assistant coach for 10 years and as head coach for 3 years, and he directs the LX 50. “The players who played in Sporting’s formation started to get together. From there, Paul wanted to devote himself to sports, especially handball, and that’s what happened”, said at the time at 1.º de Agosto in Angola. Coach said 2014/15. “Europe was the challenge that got me involved. If I didn’t have the ambition, I wouldn’t be involved in this project. Paulo’s demands, rigor and seriousness are traits I fully identify with,” he explains.

European Beach Champion
Last weekend in Palermo, Italy, the LX 50 became European Beach Handball Champions in the final against GRD Leça. “Our bet was on the pavilion, but since we had some Brazilian stars, we formed a beach handball team and went to Italy with ambitions”, admits Paulo Paiva dos Santos, who praised the Leça da Palmeira logo: “GRD Leça With a lot of tradition, being on the beach for many years, they did a great job and got great results. This time with 16 teams, the pairing between us ended up in the finals. But until we got there, because Many of us as GRD Leça, we are eliminating the French, the Germans, the Danes, the Spaniards, the Dutch. It is not an easy path”.


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