macOS Ventura gets Clock, Weather and System Settings apps

as expected, apple Announced at the opening ceremony yesterday WWDC22 Future versions of your operating system – including of course macOS Ventura 13. As usual, Apple has picked what it considers to be the major new features of the operating system, but (apparently) some aren’t even mentioned.

Most of these extras are small increments that appear over time – as developers and on-duty snoops discover. We will talk about some of them here!

system settings

Apple has been working hard to bring macOS closer in recent years iOS/iPadOS, especially on the visual side. One of the often mentioned differences between the two systems is because of System Preferences, which in macOS Ventura will be called… system settings.

In addition to a similar name to the iPhones/iPads operating system, this area will also have an interesting visual change.Now, instead of a grid with different icons, the iOS and iPadOS setup a very familiar sidebar, as shown Mike Rumors.

The menus are separated by “categories,” with the first showing connection settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, networking, and VPN), the other showing notifications and focus settings, etc. — in a way, similar to the concept we had here recently shown.

Obviously, there are still edges in the interface that need to be trimmed, but the paths they take look good.

Weather and Clock App

Some Apple decisions about which features or apps are on one OS and/or not on another are not very careful – so much so that a simple calculator To this day, it doesn’t exist on iPadOS.

As far as macOS is concerned, software that helps us do math has been around for a long time, but that’s not the case with other basic apps bell(bell) This is time(weather)which is very useful when you don’t have an iPhone.

Well, starting with Ventura, both will appear in the catalog of native macOS apps, both of which have been redesigned for the OS. Now you can also use your computer for basic operations like setting a timer or stopwatch.

Auxiliary tool

As it has done with iOS over the past few years, Apple is also significantly enhancing macOS’ accessibility features, which make life easier for people with special needs — even those who prefer to do certain tasks more easily.

With macOS Ventura, users will have access to Live subtitles (Live Captioning) for all audio content played on the operating system and the ability to type to generate audio during a call.There is also a text checker to support user proofreading voiceover.

However, Live Caption is only available in English in beta – at least initially – and will only run on computers with Apple processors. However, new languages ​​may be added before the official release of macOS Ventura.


In future versions of macOS, there is also a strong focus on security. According to Apple, the operating system will be hardened with new security tools to make it more resistant to attacks.

One of the tools provided by the company is Fast Security Response. Without mentioning too many details, the feature will run between normal updates to keep the OS safe without rebooting.

Additionally, devices connected to the Mac via USB-C or Thunderbolt must ask for user permission to exchange data on the new system—such as edge.

It’s worth remembering that another security feature that’s being implemented is passwordless login – we’ve covered this in detail in a separate article.

macOS Ventura entered beta yesterday and should only be released to the public in September/October.

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