macOS Ventura has a window manager, new Mail features, and more

And the news from WWDC22 Don’t stop!already among us macOS Venturathe next version of the operating system will power millions of Macs around the world.

One of the topics here is the organization of windows.With a new feature called stage manager, you can manage dozens (or even hundreds) of windows and applications open at the same time: just activate it in the Control Center, and all less important windows are organized on one side of the screen, while the main application is in the center. This feature brings together all windows of the same application and you can switch between them easily.You can also group applications together, and stage manager “Remember” their organization; finally, you can click the desktop to reveal it and drag files directly into the application.

spotlightin turn, with a major update: the result can be previewed quick view (Quick Look), start timers, richer web searches, and more – including a full-screen viewing mode with more context and data.

mail Will get new long-requested smart features, such as a way to undo a message send or schedule a send.You can also set reminders and follow up from previous news. Search features are even more powerful, including recently searched terms and files and a live preview of the results – including spelling corrections and more.

Already here safarithe focus is on speed and energy efficiency, but we also have news: Tab groups can be created that are shared among multiple users to improve the group work experience, for example – you can quickly access your friends/contacts’ tabs, send messages Or start a FaceTime call.

Browser password storage is also more secure master key, try to replace the password once and for all. The idea is to combine information from your device with biometrics (e.g. Touch ID/Face ID) to access websites and services – everything is stored on your device and hackers can’t steal your password (especially since there is no password ).This standard will be adopted by other ecosystems, so you can use master key across different systems and devices.

In gaming, APIs1 metal 3 Designed for the power of Apple Silicon with the ability to tune your gaming graphics from the M1 (and M2) to the M1 Ultra.You can apply effects upgradereduce loading times, apply visual enhancements, and many other improvements without excessive machine processing.

resource continuity There are even more powerful features: for example, you can instantly transfer a FaceTime call from your iPhone to your Mac (or any other direction or device), and – let the hallelujah chorus ring – you will finally be able to use the iPhone camera as a camera on the Mac webcam. Some manufacturers, like Belkin, will release MagSafe accessories to connect the iPhone to the Mac to make the experience even easier, and you can even create a dual-view mode with your Mac camera and iPhone at the same time. Effects such as Center Stage and Studio Light are also supported.

macOS Ventura is expected to be released in September/October next year, and Apple is expected to release the first beta version of the new system soon (maybe even today). Opinion?

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