Marca Launches Web Series to Simplify Virtual Worlds; Learn More


Veloe, a brand specializing in urban mobility and fleet management solutions, this week launched its web series Simplified Virtual Worlds: A Journey Through the Virtual World.

Content is developed to make the metaverse accessible to all, presenting themes in a relaxed and informal way. see more!

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“The Metaverse Simplified: A Journey Through the Virtual World”

The brand is already flirting with the subject, even taking action with influencer Satiko on Instagram last month. Monthly episodes will be posted in full on YouTube and some excerpts up to 20 minutes long on Veloe’s Instagram.

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The format that combines podcasts with video reinforces the educational advice of the production and brings more informality and proximity to the subject.

The presentation was moderated by Guga Stocco, a well-known tech enthusiast and co-founder of Futurum.Capital. venture capital Technology and consultants for companies like Totvs. Each episode will feature a special guest to discuss the topic.


“We were the first mobility company to enter the world. We are learning a lot of new things and we want to share our learnings. It’s about enhancing what Veloe does and providing in a simple and quick way an understanding of this already discussed so much The idea of ​​access to such a complex and seemingly complex topic,” explains Vanessa Rissi, Head of Marketing and Business Intelligence at Veloe.

“In addition to the mobile universe in the metaverse, the show will also have episodes on NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrencies. We split the episodes into three parts: Introduction, Knowledge and Immersion, so that the content follows an evolutionary sequence , easy for the viewer to understand,” he added.

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The Metaverse market is expected to jump from $250 billion to $400 billion by 2025, according to The Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) Metaverse Guide for Corporate Free Riders.

“Given all of this potential and curiosity about the subject from our public, we knew now was a good time to reinforce Veloe’s commitment to simplifying access and pathways,” Vanessa said.

“A new industry is being created around the metaverse, unifying multiple technologies, merging unprecedented opportunities for experience and diversity. So we are proud to be interested in this movement by simplifying but still don’t know where to start information access for everyone to start our journey,” added Fernanda Toscano, IT Director at Veloe.

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