Marijuana for medical use is illusion and naivety, says psychiatrist

“Marijuana is not magic, as if natural tea may make a affected person enhance from a fancy sickness”, mentioned psychiatrist Ronaldo Laranjeira. With over 40 years of expertise in medication, professor of psychiatry on the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp), in an interview with People’s Gazettewarns of the extensive unfold of false concepts in regards to the medical use of marijuana, which he known as “marijuana ideology” through which essentially the most superior scientific analysis is disdained.

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The specialist reminds that the one proof of the use of gear extracted from the marijuana plant (hashish sativa) is the rise in anxiousness, despair and psychotic circumstances. With in depth expertise within the therapy of drug addicts, the physician criticized proposals to legalize the cultivation of marijuana within the nation and recalled the results of the measure in different international locations, such because the United States and Canada, the place the variety of customers has elevated.

Watch Ronaldo Laranjeira’s unique interview with Gazeta do Povo:

How is your work with drug addicts?

Ronaldo Larangeira: I’m a psychiatrist, I did my doctorate and Ph.D. in London. Today I’m a professor of psychiatry on the Federal University of São Paulo. I’ve labored for 45 years, since I used to be a scholar, with chemical dependency; I’ve a crew and I supervise a number of clinics. In my clinic, I take care of advanced circumstances of chemical habit the place, along with habit, there is a psychiatric dysfunction. It is quite common for the individual, along with chemical dependency, to have despair, mind injury, and even authorized points. Our specialty is dealing with advanced circumstances that require in depth investigation, investigation, analysis and planning.

It is widespread to listen to that marijuana is therapeutic and innocent, not addictive. It is true?

Ronaldo Larangeira: Any medical group that has credibility doesn’t need this debate. With regard to marijuana, there is no point out of medical use, it is the adoption of marijuana parts for a number of circumstances with scientific proof, comparable to for kids who haven’t responded to regular therapy, have seizures, for instance, and who can profit from marijuana. from a technique or one other.

This is what we name compassionate use. Since it has nothing to do, and if it has any helpful impact, medication is not against compassionate use. Which is completely different than utilizing marijuana for autism, dementia and ache. There is no severe examine of the impact of marijuana, there is no drug that may be good for autism and dementia, there is no such factor. It is such an illusion, an nearly prison naivety.

No one doubts habit anymore, solely those that consider it is not dangerous. I insist: from a medical viewpoint, the weather of marijuana are a part of the substances that trigger habit. I not too long ago noticed a case the place an individual smoked 40 marijuana cigarettes a day. An individual won’t be able to smoke that quantity with out having an addictive part. So it is logical that it is addictive. What occurs is that you do not have as many withdrawal signs as if you cease utilizing an opiate.

No one dies from marijuana use or withdrawal. Marijuana doesn’t have lethality, nevertheless it does have psychological disabilities. Marijuana does not kill immediately, nevertheless it does mentally incapacitate. For instance, analysis exhibits that many youngsters who begin utilizing marijuana don’t graduate from highschool or go to school. For each marijuana person, 4 or 5 persons are affected.

In the brief time period, the individual beneath the affect of the drug will drive and have accidents. Sometimes you’ll develop vomiting and dizziness, this is essentially the most acute facet of the speedy use. In the medium time period, you will have a better danger of despair, anxiousness, suicide, subclinical psychotic dysfunction and psychotic dysfunction. The subclinical individual is the one who will get unusual concepts, can not examine and psychiatry can determine. Long-term use of marijuana interferes with psychological well being, comparable to reminiscence issues or much more extreme circumstances. Those who use it’ll have some cognitive impairment. It’s the worth folks have to be careful for.

On the opposite hand, it is vital to understand that the marijuana person doesn’t solely have a person loss, it is not a person habits. [sem efeitos sociais]. People steal to proceed smoking; 50% of marijuana customers have kids and don’t deal with them. They are sorted by their grandparents who’re now not sufficiently old to deal with a baby or take them to highschool. Cases of kid neglect associated to folks who use marijuana will not be unusual.

Those who defend the cultivation of marijuana typically say that there is analysis on the advantages of plant components for some ailments.

Ronaldo Larangeira: There are few ailments, comparable to seizures, with some proof [de que o uso da maconha possa ser benéfico]. If compassionate use can work successfully in any case, it is potential to get these medicine from the Unified Health System, which has the power to offer help for costly ailments.

But due to the excessive danger, it is mindless to plant marijuana and promote it to neighbors. This is not the way in which to take care of advanced ailments. If you will have a fancy illness with proof that marijuana can have an impact, it is essential to know which ingredient have to be extracted from marijuana and what number of milligrams at most can be utilized in order that it has a helpful impact and doesn’t enhance confirmed negative effects much more..

Marijuana is not magic, as if tea from the herb may make a affected person get higher from a fancy sickness. That’s not how medication works. Marijuana can’t be handled as a miracle drug, simply make a tea and it’ll work. Medicine does not work like that, it isn’t protected for anybody to change into a marijuana healer. And that is what has occurred in Brazil. Doctors who concentrate on marijuana are like healers who deceive sufferers. This is not how medication develops. Studies are nonetheless wanted [para ter uma medicação, e não apenas o uso compassivo] and those that defend marijuana need to cheat [o processo].

Does utilizing marijuana enhance the possibilities of wanting for different medicine?

Ronaldo Larangeira: There is a bunch of customers who’re solely on marijuana. However, marijuana itself can impair mind operate and trigger psychosis. So in itself it is already a drug that inhibits the event of the individual. But it disposes of different substances. There are individuals who, after marijuana, use cocaine, LSD, ecstasy and alcohol. There are people who find themselves solely on marijuana and others who find yourself including different medicine, which makes the unhealthy even worse as a result of all of this deregulates the mind. It’s a nice deregulation, nevertheless it does not simply do this. If it was simply pleasure, we might have discovered the golden key. But that is not what occurs, it finally ends up deregulating a number of different elements of the mind, comparable to reminiscence, focus and life will probably be extra restricted. And when mixed with different medicine, emotional fine-tuning tends to vanish.

In your expertise, can legalization favor early entry for kids and younger folks?

Ronaldo Larangeira: Safe. Organized crime has a market for minors. This is what occurred within the US and Canada. In these international locations, it was believed that organized crime would disappear [com a legalização], however that is not what occurred, it was the opposite manner round. Crime has elevated as a result of it sells cheaper and to folks the justice system does not promote to, i.e. minors. Will legalization defend our kids? Do not need to. That’s not what occurred within the US. Legalization tends to exacerbate the entry drawback for youngsters and kids. In this state of affairs, the police perform much less management and folks promote cheaper and to minors. Legalization magnifies the issue.

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