Marina Abramovic unveils classic NFT performance and says Web3 is “undoubtedly the future”

Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic has released her own work in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for the first time, reports ArtNews. Conceived in honor of the grandfather of the artist who died fighting for the former Yugoslavia during World War II, the show “Heroes” was originally released as a film in 2001 and is now a collection of NFTs based on the Tezos (XTZ) blockchain…

The idea of ​​adapting the work to the NFT format came about when the artist was working on recovering the images originally captured in the video. In “Hero,” Abramović rides a white horse and holds a white flag fluttering in the wind, in an idyllic shot of the Spanish countryside.

Abramović meticulously reviews the work frame by frame, explaining in an interview with Art News that “something new emerges from the still and silent image”:

“We found that the movement of the flag in the wind took on a unique beauty and took on a new meaning with each frame. No two paintings are the same. Wind, flag – they dance together like one breathes Moving like an organism. Working, we are now producing thousands of unique NFTs. This is very modern. This is a very Aquarius era.

With the release of “Heroes” on NFTs, artists have emerged with a new perspective on non-fungible tokens and new digital technologies as a means of expression. In a statement to The Guardian in February of this year, Abramovich said that he does not see anything truly innovative in the NFT space:

“I don’t like being an old-school artist who criticizes everything new. I like everything new. I’m curious. But I don’t see good ideas for this medium. I don’t see good content. I just see Everyone was talking about how much money was possible and someone asked me if I could sell my soul as an NFT.”

Since then, the artist says, she has struggled to understand Web3 and finally identified with the creators of the crypto space, especially for their ability to mobilize interests for noble causes like environmental protection, such as:

“They were heroes. They were pioneers, just like I was pushing the envelope with my performance art in the ’70s. Everyone said I was crazy. Few people believed what I was doing at the time.”

According to her, publishing “Hero” on NFTs is a way to communicate with the new generation, as the artwork is directly related to the imagination of future scenarios. “Art has to look forward,” Abramović said, before adding that Web3 “is definitely the future.”

Abramović also said there was a risk factor to his performance in terms of audience reception. The release of “heroes” on NFTs is another leap into the unknown space that characterizes the artist’s work. Testing new territory is always the door to failure, the artist said.

Abramović decided to use the resources gained from the commercialization of “hero” NFTs to award fellowships to creators working in the fields he identified, emphasizing that his goal is to build a new community with shared ideals and purposes contribute.

As inspiration, the artist cited the initiative of Russian artist and activist Nadya Tolokonnikova from the Pussy Riot collective. In March, Tolokonnikova raised $6.7 million in humanitarian aid for war-affected Ukrainian citizens. For Abramovic, the initiative proves that NFTs and Web3 can help humanity find solutions to today’s “persistent disaster”:

“I’d love to see other ideas from people in this Web3 space to help save the planet. The donations we’ll get from The Hero NFT project are a little bit of a way for me to contribute to this future.”

The artist stated that a fundamental condition for converting “heroes” into NFT format is to minimize the environmental impact. So the Tezos blockchain was chosen to launch the series.

As Cointelegraph Brasil recently reported, a Portuguese school is promoting NFTs and blockchain lessons for children and teens.

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