Marshall has three new Bluetooth speakers you’ll want to buy

bluetooth speaker arrived Marshall Acton III, Stanmore IIIand Woburn III. The new wireless speaker trio improves audio quality, connectivity options, standards used and introduces important product updates.

The new product, designed to strengthen Marshall’s presence in the Bluetooth speaker market, will be available on June 23. Of course, one of the greatest assets of the new trio is the inclusion of the Bluetooth 5.2 standard to ensure the stability of the music and the quality of the connection without interruption.

Classic Marshalls design, better audio quality and connectivity options

The new Marshall Acton III, Stanmore III and Woburn III Bluetooth speakers.

The soundstage of the three speakers has been updated and enhanced, guaranteeing higher fidelity and sound quality. In addition, the quality of design and construction of Marshall products further enhances the ecology by prioritizing the use of renewable materials and the vegetable leather that covers and characterizes all of its top products.

On the other hand, the Acton III, Stanmore III and Woburn III loudspeakers, while inheriting the design of their predecessors, now have new high-pitched speaker For higher (treble) frequencies and new channels. According to the manufacturer, the soundstage is now getting wider.

In short, Marshall has enhanced the capabilities of its most sought-after Bluetooth speakers with new technologies that could make them the most desirable products of 2022. In other words, these are probably one of the best buys in its segment.

The highlight is the new placement compensation technology”

Marshall Stanmore III
The new Marshall Stanmore III Bluetooth speaker.

Worth mentioning is the new “position compensation” technology that effectively differentiates the new Marshalls from the previous generation of Bluetooth speakers. In practice, the technology optimizes the profile of the built-in equalizer to compensate for spatial echoes and natural reflections of sound waves at a given location.

That is, the pillars test the space in three dimensions, using the emission and recording of emitted sound waves to assess the conditions under which they were inserted. The internal equalizer is then automatically optimized to compensate for acoustic imperfections that may affect sound transmission.

We also have Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity standard on Marshall speakers

Marshall Woburn III
The new Marshall Woburn III Bluetooth speaker.

In addition, we have the aforementioned Bluetooth 5.2, one of the latest standards for this type of connectivity, which ensures greater range of operation, connection stability and support for multiple sources. That is, they can pair Bluetooth speakers with PCs and smartphones, for example.

Marshall Stanmore III
Details of Marshall speaker buttons and controls.

In addition, we have the audio port Jack 3.5mm cable connection, effectively more stable than any other current wireless standard. We can also point out the Dynamic Loudness feature designed to guarantee a more balanced volume.

Bluetooth speaker uses 70% recycled materials and vegan leather

Marshall Action III
The new Marshall Action III Bluetooth speaker.

The new Marshall speakers are made from approximately 70% recycled materials.Plus, they use a vegan leather lining to keep Look A trio of classic and eye-catching bluetooth speakers. Note that this is a radical change from the previous reliance on PVC material and plastic in older models.

More specifically, the Acton II speaker has a 30 W amplifier for Bass speaker is two high-pitched speaker 15W. On the other hand, the Stanmore III is larger and more powerful than the Anton III when used with a 50 W amplifier. Bass speaker.

In any case, the best and most expensive (and more powerful) is the Marshall Woburn III, which also boasts HDMI connectivity and hits the international market for $579.

Finally, the Acton III is priced at $279, while the Marshall Stanmore III Bluetooth speaker will sell for $379 once it’s available. As a final note, we’re counting on converting these values ​​directly to Europe for Europe.

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