between days June 2 and July 1, 2022will be exposed Solo exhibition of the artist Goias from Brasilia, Remir Gandara have the right back bound. the proposal includes an experience that spans the physical space where the works will be installed and a digital stage, where we will be able to interact through the metaverse where the originals are located NFT (non-fungible token). Since the itinerary is intuitive from the beginning of the process, the exhibition will have two main moments: the first, which will run until June 16 at Metro-DF Central Station, and the second, which will begin on June 17 , will be concentrated at Guara Station.

fur mixed character and international influence exposed, since it was organized for widespread dissemination in the metaverse, the word “metamundus” in the title of this event was also enacted to break down certain language barriers – which may limit the breadth of dissemination. organizer. . By rescuing the Latin source, an expression that assigns translations to other languages ​​is intuitive, as it restores in its own voice one of the core issues of the art project, the exploration of metaverse, which will pass through the space platform. This is also due to the choice to hold the exhibition in person at the metro station in the Federal District. After all, this is an exhibition about human transit in the post-pandemic period. In this way, the collective displacement is considered to be the exact dialogue phase of the exhibited works.

enterprise Remir Gandara Key data for understanding event-defining choices are found in his academic and cinematographic paths. Reader and film scholar since childhood, artist born in Goiás, Doctor of Letters from the University of Brasilia (UnB), professor at the Federal Institute of Goiás – Formosa Campus (IFG/Formosa) and Grupo researcher Polifônica (CNPq ). ).Your put up they’re gone show and published in Brazil and foreign countries, such as USA, France and Austria. in October 2022Gandara’s creations will be part of the international contemporary art salon – Carrousel du Louvre, which will take place at Paris Louvre Museums.

Through all these efforts, people can study and resolve CinemaGroundbreaking material for some of the main elements of the art that make up the exhibition, such as finding artistic aesthetics Pandemicas it responds to the restrictions and openings brought about by the spread of the virus to artists and filmmakers during the first biennium.

After the pandemic has spread around the world, most of the artworks created by Gandara (except “Procissão” and “No Jardim das Ideias” – which are also in the intellectuals will appeal to the aesthetics of the pandemic), respond The ambiguity of the exhibition.For example, the enjoyment of art is considered to be experienced use different ways In both spaces, because of the size of the works on display and their arrangement, they are not reflected in the virtual world in a way that is faithful to the physics.

This exposed there will be 33 worksArtist selected by Curator AAugustus Nimar – Poet and Professor of Literature at the University of Brasilia. Through a rigorous selection of art, we seek to bring together paintings that evoke “civilizations of binary opposition categories”​​​​, anthropologist Janaína Ferreira Fernandes tells us about the two-dimensionality of the projects outlined here. The main theme of the exhibition is the questionable appreciation of works, as available in subway stations, which are gateways to labyrinthine virtual worlds, where we acquire new modes of artistic appreciation, possibly through an aesthetic twist. Art compiled there.

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