Metaverse and games: Fun universe inspires new careers

Games and metaverses are universes that directly or indirectly inspire new careers

A survey by edtech titled “The Future of Simplified Careers” simple set out to map the technology, and metaverse, game, NFT and other popular concepts, are contributing to the formation of a new ecosystem of roles, occupations and skills. future professionals.

The study includes two data collection fronts. The first is a comprehensive mapping of secondary data and professional reports, referencing more than 100 materials (from IBGE to major reports on workforce trends). The second, the Trends panel, interviewed 19 Brazilian professionals in key positions in Brazil and abroad in technology, HR, culture, finance, health, education, entertainment, startups, marketing, digital marketing, communications, logistics and games.

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This Forbes Brazil, Roberta CamposDirector of Insights simple, the professionals in charge of the project, talk about future careers, key findings of the research, and give perspective on some of the interviews conducted. “Technology will not only open up several specific areas of expertise related to the digital realm, such as those related to the metaverse, but will also structurally revolutionize traditional fields such as medicine, law, and even finance.”


Roberta Campos, Director of Insights at Descomplica

Forbes Brazil – What are the key findings of this study from a technology standpoint?
Roberta Campos — Some believe they can protect themselves from technological change in occupations not directly related to technology. However, technological transformation is everywhere: medicine, workshops, transportation, marketing, art, logistics, finance. Technology will not only open up several specific areas of expertise related to the digital realm, such as those related to the metaverse, but also through, for example, decentralized finance and blockchain technology. Some of these potential changes are widely visible today, such as through the increasing commercialization of cryptocurrencies, but this is a shift that is not yet ripe.

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FB – Is an element of flexibility already in development horizontally with the profile of future professionals? Are you taught? How to develop flexibility? Or is it inherent in a culture and directly related to the individual?
Roberta – Flexibility is a broad word that can be thought of from multiple perspectives. The first reading key to thinking about work flexibility is digital nomadism or remote work. In Brazil, this is still a reality more confined to certain fields or categories, but it is still expanding its reach. But there’s another potentially more interesting aspect of flexibility. Career prospects are stretched as the average person lives longer, and future professionals are likely to pursue many occupations throughout their lives. In addition to this, with digital transformation, most occupations that exist today are known to change or become obsolete, resulting in new occupational configurations. For this reason, professionals must focus on the composition of a group, a combination of competencies relevant to a particular area of ​​expertise. It’s no longer about having the same career for life, but building a skill set—evolving and dynamic—skills that are activated in the face of opportunities and new configurations in the world of work. Many respondents used metaphors such as “Lego blocks/ability blocks” or “combinations of abilities” to talk about the movement.

FB – Metaverse, NFTs, crypto world, how does this ecosystem work in a practical way when it comes to the demand for new professions?
Roberta – The research points to several areas or related areas where future work will be hot. Entertainment is one of the verticals that will most benefit from future technological change, not only because of its prominence in the metaverse theme, but also because of its increased free time in a world where people seek to rebalance their personal lives and work. Health and wellness is another important topic, especially in a world where people are living longer and technology is accelerating, and the demand for careers that take care of physical and mental health is growing. Like the fitness revolution, taking care of the body preventively, the future will place the same emphasis on preventive mental health, not just after an illness strikes. DeFi and Crypto are two areas that are already popular today, but will still go through a lot of changes, and there will be many routes and unexplored paths. Finally, works. The avenues for engineering to evolve seem endless. According to our respondents, engineering has changed in recent years, with domains consolidating (hardware and software) and also expanding into new domains (such as space engineering).

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