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Marie Claire editor-in-chief Roberta Malta debates the role of brands in the virtual world with Gabriela Comazzetto and Daniela Cachich (Photo: Bléia Campos)

The pandemic has accelerated the way society is connected to technology. “Even those who are not in this universe are forced to enter. During quarantine, compulsory learning: shopping, entertainment, talking to people. Of course, this has repercussions throughout the company,” said Daniela KochicResponsible for business department future drinks and beyond beer in Amberf.

Features of the “Markets, Metaverse and Post-Pandemic Inclusive Policies” table Gabriela ComazetoHead of TikTok Brazil and Mediation Global Business Solutions by Roberta MaltaEditor-in-Chief Marie Claire.

“This acceleration shows several possibilities that were not so obvious before. From education, to work, to health. The metaverse will enable this transition in a more natural way,” adds Gabriela.

Daniela Coachich, in charge of Ambev's Future Beverages and Beyond Beer business unit (Photo: Bléia Campos)

Daniela Coachich, in charge of Ambev’s Future Beverages and Beyond Beer business unit (Photo: Bléia Campos)

Responsible business unit Beyond the drink and beer of the future exist Amberf Tells about his own experience in brand application. “We went from a big brewery to a big platform. During the pandemic, we realized we also needed to help brick-and-mortar stores, and many bars became dark bars for Zé takeout. If we want a future with more reasons to celebrate , we have to offer a product portfolio that can meet this demand,” he said.

Because innovation and generational diversity can and should go hand in hand in companies

In the lives of executives, the metaverse eventually extends boundaries beyond the corporate environment. “My son asked for a headshot as a gift. I thought it was funny because I always ask for something tangible and obvious,” says Daniela. “I have four children who are digital natives. I also realize that this generation has no boundaries between physical and virtual,” adds Gabriela.

However, you need to be careful when entering the metaverse. “I can’t talk, I want to tag metaverse. Brands can’t think ‘I need to be there anyway’. Okay, but what to do? Because? We have to think about how to get more people involved because we have technical constraints ”, says Daniela. “In addition to the limitations of 5G, more and more people need to be trained, mainly from the most diverse sources”, Comazzetto added. “It’s up to the company to offer this possibility and hire. It’s no use just training,” concludes Gabriela.

Gabriela Comazzetto (Photo: Bléia Campos)

Gabriela Comazzetto, Head of Global Business Solutions for TikTok Brazil (Photo: Bléia Campos)

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