Miccoli on parole: ‘I made a big mistake 12 years ago’ – Italy

After nearly a month of probation, about six months out of three-and-a-half years in prison for aggravated racketeering, Fabrizio Miccoli took to social networks extensively on Tuesday. Reflecting on this, he regretted that it happened 12 years ago. The former Italian, who played for Palermo, Juventus, Fiorentina and Benfica, has been convicted of aggravated racketeering for using “mafia tactics”.


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The 42-year-old former Reds striker helped a friend recover a €12,000 debt with Andrea Graffagnini, the owner of a nightclub called Paparazzi. To do so, he contacted Mauro Lauricella, the son of Mafia boss Antonino Calderón, who is serving a seven-year prison sentence. Miccoli has had a good relationship with Lauricella since his time at Palermo.

During the investigation, a conversation between Miccoli and the son of the Mafia was intercepted, in which the player referred to Italian magistrate Giovanni Falcone as “that mud.” For these remarks, Miccoli publicly apologized and wept.

“I made a big mistake 12 years ago. One of those mistakes that changes your life. I have everything. I’m the captain of Palermo, I have a job I always dreamed of having as a child, and the people of Palermo made me Feeling at home. For years, I have liked silence. I read everything but never responded,” the former striker began writing this Tuesday.

“When you’re a Serie A footballer, you get a lot of attention. A lot of people want a part of you. A lot of people know you, but you don’t know anyone. You don’t know who you can trust. In fact, I Made more than one mistake. The first big mistake was that everyone could use it. Anyone who lived in Palermo in those years knew it,” he continued, later explaining that “the second one was using the wrong word”. “A lot of times, when you’re at the top, you feel like you’re invincible…but you’re actually just human. I apologized for those words just now, and I did it again.”

“This quote came last year. I didn’t talk about it because I felt so far away, I was far away from that world, but I respected it and spontaneously showed up in a maximum security prison the next day to choose again. there one day [na prisão] Seems to be infinite, 6 or 7 months…eternity. Every day for these 12 years, I’ve been receiving the greatest punishment, seeing myself approaching something that I don’t belong, that doesn’t belong to me,” he continued.

“I was released a few weeks ago. I’m not asking to be understood, I’m not asking for what happened to be forgotten. I just want to be clear after 12 long years, to have my own voice, not to be told.” for others,” he said, leaving a series of thanks, including his lawyer.

“On the pitch, after a loss, you can’t repeat the game you just lost, but you can train and try to do better in the next game. I’m almost 43 and I hope there are more ‘games’ to restore and show the real Miccoli,” he concluded.


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