Microsoft HoloLens president Alex Kipman resigns amid misconduct allegations

from the inside Microsoft’s Alex Kipman, who led the team that developed the company’s HoloLens augmented reality headset and Kinect motion controller for the Xbox and served as one of Microsoft’s top tech colleagues, resigns after allegations of verbal abuse and sexual harassment .

Microsoft would not immediately confirm or deny the report, but Jacks He has already expressed support after receiving an internal email from Microsoft’s cloud chief Scott Guthrie: “We have collectively decided that now is the right time for him to leave the company to pursue other opportunities,” he wrote.Notes you can read Jacks, said nothing about the allegations and said Kipman would stay for another two months to help with the transition. It also details the reorganization of Kipman’s entire mixed reality division, with the hardware team joining the Panos Banay Windows Hardware Foundation+.

according to insiders, more than 25 Microsoft employees contributed to an internal report of Kipman’s alleged misconduct, which included incidents of unwanted touching and, in addition, he once watched an obscene VR video in front of employees in the office.

Today’s report follows precedent from the inside Dozens of employees reported to the publication on May 25 about Kipman’s alleged conduct.three employees said from the inside They were warned not to leave women alone near Kipman.when from the inside Microsoft, which visited at the time, neither confirmed nor denied specific allegations of women’s misconduct, but denied that Kipman had begun accompanying HR staff to meetings.

A former Microsoft executive was so disturbed by Kipman’s actions that he thinks the COVID-19 outbreak has actually improved things: “Unfortunately, the best thing that happened was a pandemic,” they told Insider . “So we don’t have to interact with him in person.”

Kipman did not respond from the insideHe has repeatedly asked for comment, and he has not tweeted since May 23.

Kipman answered an earlier question in February from the inside Reports say the HoloLens division is in disarray and the HoloLens 3 may have been scrapped. “Don’t believe what you see on the Internet,” he said. Insider wasn’t the only post mentioning the split issue: Wall Street Journal Mentioned in January that more than 70 Microsoft employees on the HoloLens team left the company in 2021, and more than 40 joined Meta.

Microsoft is counting on the HoloLens for a major win with the U.S. military, which has ordered up to 120,000 IVAS headsets for soldiers. That would be worth $21.88 billion to the company over 10 years, but the military delayed the deal and the Pentagon’s audit was not optimistic about the idea. “Purchasing IVAS without user approval could waste taxpayers up to $21.88 billion in implementing systems that soldiers may not want to use or use as intended,” the inspector’s April 2022 report reads. – Secretary of Defense. (PDF). However, Guthrie said in his memo that the military had passed an operational test last month.

Regardless of the status of the Hololens program, Kipman is out.

Microsoft won’t comment on the documents from the inside Report.

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