Miguel Oliveira’s KTM boss: «He isolated himself and sent his father to negotiate with other teams» – MotoGP

beyond possession Announcing Jack Miller and talking about the Australian joining the KTM home team In a statement released this morning, Pit Beirer spoke to German portal Motorsport-Total about the situation around Miguel Oliveira, in a statement he was a little saddened by the way it all played out. The Austrian brand’s sporting director revealed to the German portal that he could have “forced” the Portuguese to stay, but he does not respect the good relationship they have built. Even though the call ends at the end of the year, Beirer made it clear that Miguel Oliveira is and will be a friend to him and KTM. “My job, of course, is to negotiate with the best people in the paddock who will be free next season. It’s stressful because it feels like you’re cheating. When you see a rider talking to another steward, You’ll be jealous. To see you talking to another driver is a breach of trust. It’s not good because we don’t want to jeopardize what we’ve achieved together. To keep the team calm, it’s better for the driver to keep yours. Here In this case, you can control everything and look to the future.” However, this is not the case. KTM goes to market to attack Jack Miller. Rumours were already circulating, but before it got serious, Pete Berel discussed the situation with the Portuguese. “Before Mugello, I tried to talk to Miguel and tell him these conversations [com Jack Miller] is happening. I want fairness. Miguel is a friend of mine and a friend of the team. No matter what happens, it must remain the same. I made him an offer to go to Tech 3 with a higher salary. I really wanted to stop him from getting to Mugello and say ‘my team, my friends, my family have found a new driver and they’ll put me on the street'”.

Baylor then revealed that he could have forced the Portuguese to stay, but out of justice, I didn’t. “We have an option until May 31 and we can activate it. In that case, under the contract, wherever he goes, he has to run for us. But we don’t want to do that because ok we and him That’s why we made a fair offer. We didn’t activate the option, but we made a new offer. We really want him to stay, but I don’t know if we’ll get that chance,” the Austrian team boss said. He thought he was a little surprised by the Portuguese’s reaction.

“He won two games with Herve [Poncharal]. We did not consider this option [baixar à Tech 3] How to put it on one side, but strengthen that side. Our goal is to have four equivalent factory positions. But he doesn’t think it’s a positive thing, and he’s disappointed that we want to talk to him about whether he’s going to another team. Then he kind of isolated himself and sent his dad to negotiate with other teams,” he recalls.

This is A photo of the two with Paulo ChabatiDucati’s sporting director, next to the Gresini garage in Barcelona. Miguel Oliveira has won It was just a conversation without any signatures, but Baylor didn’t seem to believe it. “According to his father, there was no signature and he wanted to talk to us. But we have seen a suspicious photo online.”

While it may seem a little sad for the way the relationship between KTM and Miguel Oliveira is about to end, the Austrian team’s strongman has made no secret of the Portuguese being one of his most admired drivers. “I’m still interceding for Miguel. He’s won four Grands Prix and is a big part of our whole project. But he’s also a very sensitive person. We know that. We always try to give him a simple The basics that make it easier to drive.. when everything is aligned and he’s having a great day, then he’s unbeatable. Then we see him succeed in everything. We see we never Saw the bike cornering and delayed braking. Suddenly the door opened we didn’t know.”


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