Minas Gerais Agency | Influenza and measles vaccination campaigns are extended to 24/6

Due to the low vaccination coverage for both diseases in the state, Minas Gerais State Health Department (SES-MG) is extending the national vaccination campaigns against influenza and measles until 24/6. The announcement of the extension was issued by the Ministry of Health (MS) on Thursday (2/6), and aims to guarantee immunization of the eligible public for the two campaigns, maintain ideal vaccine coverage and ensure protection against diseases that are vaccine preventable. Vaccines are free and available at Basic Health Units throughout the state.

Until this Thursday (2/6), the vaccination coverage against influenza and measles in Minas Gerais was 54.6% and 47%, respectively. For influenza, the target is 90% vaccination coverage for priority groups, estimated at 8,299,488 people. In terms of measles, the 2022 campaign targeted health workers and children aged six months to under 5 years – more than 1.7 million individuals – and the target for vaccination is 95%.

“The flu and measles vaccination campaigns have been extended to 24/6. This only happened because we did not hit our target. By the way, we are far away, ”said the Minister of Health, Fábio Baccheretti. “Measles is a disease that had already been eradicated in our state and in our country, and we have this disease again in our territory because we left the vaccination aside. And also the flu because we are in a seasonal moment with respiratory diseases “how many people have the flu and are hospitalized and we could have this public protection,” said the secretary, who also issued a warning to the population. “The main weapon against these diseases is available at the health post. from the target group, go to the post and guarantee their protection so that they do not run any risk during this period “, he added.

According to the coordinator of the immunization program at SES-MG, Josianne Gusmão, the extension of the vaccination coverage against influenza and measles also aims to prevent complications, hospitalizations and deaths caused by the two diseases. Vaccination is important, it is the safest and most effective way to stop the circulation of viruses and avoid overloading the health system. Influenza and measles are serious diseases, and the best form of prevention is vaccination, ”he emphasizes.


Also, according to Josianne Gusmão, mobilization actions in the extension period will be intensified throughout the state to encourage vaccination. “In the next few days, we will strengthen mobilization actions with the municipalities with the teams from the regional health units, among them the active search and extramural vaccination,” he states.

Influenza vaccination coverage by priority group in Minas Gerais

• Group of children aged six months to less than five years: 41.5%

• Group of pregnant women: 29.3%

• Group of women after childbirth: 31.3%

• Indigenous group: 42.9%

• Group of teachers: 40.0%

• Group of health workers: 60.9%

• Elderly group: 60.8%

• Group of truck drivers: 11.6%

• Comorbidity group: 24.4%

• Defense group (active members): 21.3%

• Security and Rescue Force Group: 20.3%

• Group of employees in the detention system: 22.4%

• Group of people with permanent disabilities: 2.3%

• Transport worker group: 13.3%

• Group of dock workers: 186.2%

Data on influenza vaccination can be found at: https://infoms.saude.gov.br/extensions/Influenza_UF/Influenza_UF.html

Measles vaccination coverage in Minas Gerais

Eligible groups for measles vaccination in 2022 are health professionals and children aged 6 months to under 5 years. According to data from the Ministry of Health Panel, updated on 6/2, the coverage for the first group is 45.84% of an estimated public of 606,091 people, and for the second group it is 47% of a universe of 1,165 people. 916 children.

Data on measles vaccination can be accessed at: https://infoms.saude.gov.br/extensions/DEMAS_SARAMPO/DEMAS_SARAMPO.html


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