MINE and Rodrigo Mello bring NFT technology to the Porsche Cup Interlagos circuit

Rodrigo Mello took issue with the third stage of the Porsche Cup at Interlagos this weekend. The main hall of national motorsport will be the stage for another disruptive move by the three-time champion of the category, the launch of Mine, a platform to support the sport through NFTs.

The driver of the Porsche #29 presented a concept drawing in the first phase of Goiania, referring to the new NFT platform that integrates QR codes into the car and will be generated during this phase on June 11 and 12. NFT association.

The new concept proposes that fans, pilots and enthusiasts from different places get involved and contribute to the network of individual sponsors that encourage athletes and the sport. This is the concept of “member NFT”.

Only 200 NFTs will hold MINT this weekend. As such, those who sign up before Sunday’s game will have additional perks on the platform.

Funds from this fundraising will be used by MINE co-founder and creator Rodrigo Mello for the development of the platform so that it can serve other pilots in the category and others suffering from the same capital issues Other pilots, apart from leaving the track and reaching out to other athletes and sports enthusiasts in Brazil.

Products that were once limited to big brands are now available for as little as 2000 reais. is the value of each custom car NFT on Rodrigo Mello’s 2022 season car.

And the delivery goes well beyond classic sponsorships, offering unprecedented access to the hottest sport of motorsport. The owner of each NFT is not just a property in a top-of-the-line car in the most-produced racing grid on the planet, but becomes a member of a true club of interests, resulting in a sense of belonging and an exclusive experience.

The delivery includes cabin invitations including the São Paulo Grand Prix, go-kart coaching from world champion Ruben Carapatoso, an exclusive 360-degree life inside Rodrigo Mello’s Porsche, and an exclusive avatar for each club member participating in the Porsche race. Motorsport.

Winners of the members’ virtual championship will be able to participate in the Porsche Cup Clinic in a real car.

Those interested in learning about the platform can visit www.rmello29.com.br.

The third stage of the Porsche Cup offers optional practice on Thursdays and Fridays, with the first free practice also on Friday. Saturday morning is qualifying and the afternoon is the first race of the schedule. On Sunday, the category concluded its visit to Interlagos with the second game of the weekend.

The Porsche Cup is broadcast by Band and Sportv, and social media in this category also showcases track activity in São Paulo.

what did he say:

“I’m so excited to be walking at Interlagos! It’s a track that I really enjoy running on. More likely to drive a 992 on this track for my first race. We’ve had some good runs here training, now it’s time to really speed up the machine.”

“In addition to all the excitement about the race, we also launched our project with Mine on NFTs for cars, which is an innovation and I’m excited to make its debut at Interlagos, the temple of national motorsport. That’s all, fans can get closer to motorsport, and the idea of ​​a project with me is to realize the dream of those fans who want to get closer to our sport every day. I’m on their side and today, thank God, I can Fulfilling the dream of running can also help others achieve theirs.”

Rodrigo Mello

Timeline of steps:

Friday, June 10

10:30 AM – Optional Training 2

1:35pm – Optional Training 3

14:55 – Free practice 1

Saturday 11 June

09:15 – Carrera Cup classification

13:32 – 14:00 – Race 1 – (25 minutes + 1 lap)

Sunday 12 June

12:10 – 12:38 – Game 2 – (25 minutes + 1 lap) Carrera Cup (992)

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