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Games like Mir4 and Axie Infinity helped popularize the concept of play-to-earn (P2E) games, where players earn rewards in-game, usually in the form of NFTs or cryptocurrencies. A “Non-fungible Token” or NFT is a digital asset with a unique signature that allows the user to become the exclusive holder of a virtual object whose scarcity can increase the value of the currency. It is based on this scarcity and value economy that the NFT game continues. However, as this process involves money and investment, it is important to be mindful of digital security.

Due to the growing number of P2E projects, many people have finally embraced questionable games. With this in mind, TechTudo Chat with Kaspersky Security Analyst Santiago Poniroli for the best tips for safely investing in NFT games. Check it out below!

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1. Download the game from a trusted store

The first point Poniroli made was about the source of the selected game. However, professionals stress that the selection of stores is only a preliminary screening criteria. Even after analyzing the download location of the game, users should take additional precautions. He told the store to use an automatic filter to look for strange behavior of the app, however, this control does not guarantee 100% security.

Santiago points out that the verification done by these official stores is a preliminary filter, but they are never 100% effective and sufficient. “That’s why it’s always recommended as a basic measure for users not to root or jailbreak the phone, and always have some security solution in addition to having a strong and strong password on both the device and the store account, multi-factor identity Validation, etc.”, he explained.

2. Frequently check community impressions

Gods Unchained is another example of a free NFT game — Photo: Disclosure/Gods Unchained

The strength of NFT games depends on their communities. Therefore, if a game does not have a solid base of active and engaged players, the project is more likely to fail. This is because one of the logic behind NFTs is the added value that the asset will have due to its scarcity. Rarity is useless if there is no community interested in rare assets. Therefore, the community’s impression of the game should be one of the points that users consider when investing.

The recommended process when downloading a game is to read reviews and reviews of the digital store offering the game, as shown by Poniroli. There are two ways to do this: security verification of the app, and it also acts as a good thermometer for game quality. “The idea is to check if they make sense for the software in question, if they are overkill. For example, games shouldn’t ask to access our contact list, make calls, or read our messages, etc.”, Alert Ponti Raleigh.

3. Properly protect your device

Despite being games, NFT games are investments and therefore must be protected. Therefore, the player must take care and protect the device you play well. In this sense, Santiago points to one of the most common channels for breaking established defenses: email. One way to beef up security, experts emphasize, is to bet on two-factor authentication, one of which is confirmation via text message.

“A lot of scams are done through phishing, so they can be done with some kind of private message, offer or something like that. It’s important to be very careful with information that pops up promising something or asking us for information,” he said. For him, such recommendations are common and not too different from other traditional games.

4. Use strong passwords (wifi, device, store account and game account)

When dealing with games like this, any access from your computer must have a strong password — Photo: Reproduction/SurfEasy

To reinforce the security message of the previous point, it is very important to note the use of strong passwords. However, not only on the account about the game, but on the entire system used to play P2E games. It is critical that users create a password structure that complicates anyone maliciously.

Changing Wi-Fi passwords is important, but it’s also important to have strong passwords for devices, store accounts, and related games. Use them in all situations, and if users strictly adhere to security protocols, a hacker’s life will become more complicated.

5. Never play games on public Wi-Fi networks

It’s usually celebrated where there is free Wi-Fi. However, considerations should be different when investing in your equipment. Generally, anyone, including hackers, has access to open networks and is a haven for malicious people because they have no barriers to resist.

There are some precautions for accessing public Wi-Fi networks, such as using a VPN. However, since they still do not provide complete security and P2E platforms are investments, it is indeed recommended to stay away from open networks.

MIR4 is an example of a P2E game with a strong community and public developers — Photo: Playback/Steam

At the end of the day, NFT games should be considered as any other investment. Just like you shouldn’t put money into the stock market without doing in-depth research, ideally anyone who wants to start investing in this medium should take a good look at these platforms.

As far as NFT games are concerned, there are a few things that need special attention. Users should mainly focus on the community and creators. After all, it makes no sense to invest in a game with its own currency and weak community. As far as creators are concerned, it is necessary to know if they are serious individuals, and most importantly, they can easily be held accountable if the ecosystem is held accountable for careless and illegal behavior.

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