Monkey pox: clear your doubts, know the symptoms and know how to protect yourself

Considered a well being emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO), monkeypox is a illness unknown to the public. To inform and information the public, Santo’s portal raised some doubts, which had been clarified by the head of the Department of Sanitary Surveillance (Devig), in the Municipal Health Department, Ana Paula Valeiras.

What is monkeypox?
Also often called Monkeypox, it’s a zoonotic illness, that’s, brought on by viruses which might be transmitted between animals and people. It is fought with medicine to relieve indicators and symptoms, as well as to antiretrovirals. The virus was first recognized in 1958 in monkeys evaluated in the laboratory. The first human case is from 1970, in the Congo (Africa). The first monkeypox outbreak exterior of Africa occurred in 2003 in the United States with 70 circumstances. In Brazil, the first case of the illness was confirmed on June 30, 2022.

How can I catch the illness?

  • Direct or oblique contact with blood, physique fluids, pores and skin lesions and mucous membranes from contaminated animals
  • Close or intimate contact with pores and skin lesions from contaminated individuals
  • Transmission may also happen by way of contact with objects, substances and surfaces that the contaminated individual makes use of.
  • respiratory drops
  • From mom to fetus or new child

How do I understand the illness?
Once contaminated, an individual often begins with fever, muscle aches, fatigue, headache, weak point, again ache, and ache in the lymph nodes (particularly behind the ear and head).
After three days, the individual develops a rash from the web site of the main an infection, which shortly spreads to different elements of the physique. Lesions often develop inside 12 days and progress from spots to blisters till crusting. Once the scab clears, the individual stops infecting others, which often takes 2 to 4 weeks.

How lengthy do the symptoms final?
Symptoms often final for two to 4 weeks.

Should I keep house?
Yup. Although the case continues to be being handled as suspected, pending affirmation of the laboratory take a look at, one should stay in isolation. If the case is confirmed, the isolation have to be for 21 days.

How can I keep away from?

  • Avoid intimate or sexual contact with individuals who have pores and skin lesions
  • Avoid kissing, hugging or having intercourse with an individual with the illness
  • Wash your fingers with cleaning soap and water and use alcohol gel
  • Do not share bedding, towels, cutlery, cups, private belongings or intercourse toys
  • Wear masks, protect yourself from droplets of saliva, between confirmed circumstances and contacts

How is the illness state of affairs in Santos?

The metropolis has recorded 4 circumstances of monkeypox this 12 months, all with out seriousness. There are nonetheless six circumstances which might be beneath suspicion.

Is it a pandemic like covid-19?

Does not. Only just a few circumstances have been registered in the municipality and all with gentle and average symptoms.

Is there a vaccine towards the illness?

There is not any particular vaccine towards monkeypox, however smallpox immunizations can be used towards the illness.

What ought to I do if I’ve symptoms?

People with symptoms ought to contact the referral outpatient clinic in the neighborhood the place they stay, from Monday to Friday, from


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