Moonbirds soars to No. 1 among NFTs, sells $290 million in four days

Newly launched Ethereum-based non-fungible token (NFT) project “Moonbirds” is rising to the top of the trading volume charts after generating $290 million in sales in just four days.

There were 10,000 NFTs in total of the computer-generated pixelated owl avatar, which sold out quickly on Saturday, with each NFT starting at 2.5 ether (ETH), or $7,700 at the time of writing. The reserve or average minimum sale price on the secondary market has exploded, with OpenSea currently showing a decent amount of 18.45 ETH or $56,800 at the time of writing.

blood moon rise #moonbird

— Bee (@beeple) April 16, 2022

According to CryptoSlam, the project generated more than $289.9 million in secondary sales; this value also includes mint sales. These numbers rank the project as the best-selling NFT collection in both the 7-day and 30-day metrics, and the second-highest in the past 24 hours.

Looking at the 30-day chart, the disparity in transaction volume is very obvious. “Moonbirds” leads the runner-up “Azuki” in NFT sales by 52%, and its $189.3 million transaction volume is 76% higher than Bored. Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) $164.6 million.

DappRadar also highlighted that the “Moonbirds” #7963 NFT was the ninth most popular of all NFTs last week at 135 ETH or $410,000.

The “Moonbirds” project follows a similar route to BAYC, launching utility-centric NFTs that grant holders access to private ecosystems and membership clubs.

According to the project roadmap, hodler benefits will include priority access to future releases, membership clubs, merchandise, and early access to the upcoming Metaverse platform called “Project Highrise.”

The “Moonbirds” NFT series was created by PROOF Collective, a team that works on various NFT projects and is also an exclusive social club for 1000 holders of “PROOF Collective” NFTs. At the time of writing, the minimum price for a Collection Membership Pass is 91 ETH or $278,800.


Then why should I invest 120 $ETH exist @moonbirds_xyznow worth about 300 $ETH According to the latest sales?

Why is this so easy for me and why am I still not selling?

Let’s dive into Moonbirds and @proof_xyz

— MoonCat2878 (@mooncat2878) April 18, 2022

The impressive launch of “Moonbirds” appears to be the result of strong investor support for PROOF Collective’s founding members, including tech entrepreneur and Digg founder Kevin Rose, and Web3 investors Justin Mezzell and Ryan Carson.

An NFT collector who goes by the name “Cryptococity” on Twitter highlighted Rose yesterday, noting that they support the project because of its good reputation, connection to the Web2 and Web3 worlds, and their NFT-focused podcast, which ‘Including some ‘alpha’ changed the lives of listeners the most.

2/ First of all, the main reason this project is so successful is the people behind it: Kevin Rose @kevinrose and his team ryan carson @ryancarson Justin Mezel @justinmazel A very well-known figure in the Web 2 and Web 3 world, and the one who leads it all

— Cryptolocity (@Cryptlocity) April 17, 2022

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