Mother of autistic child thanks Cancelo: ‘He could have died’

Olly, 10, gets lost in crowd at Manchester City party

João Cancelo is in the spotlight, and it’s much more than Manchester City winning the national title. The Portuguese was the hero in the story of Manchester City’s title-winning day, unknown until now.

The story is told by Lauren Hoyle, the mother of an autistic 10-year-old who lost her father to the Etihad lawn invasion during a party.

Ollie Gordon was saved by the Portuguese defender, as he told the Manchester Evening News.

“He started running. He was autistic and didn’t know the danger, so he got excited and started running. He used to go to the stadium with his dad. I was watching the game on TV and I saw Lee [o pai] Ran across the field, but I don’t see Ollie. I panicked. As you can see in the video, the Aston Villa goalkeeper was hit a few centimeters from the side. It scared him a little bit, and when he saw Cancelo, he ran towards him,” recalls Lauren.

“Cancelo pulled him up and held him in his arms. He kissed his forehead and pushed people away. It was fast, but people were pushing each other. My son was terrified. He couldn’t be alone, he was supervised The feeling. If it wasn’t for Cancelo not only hugging him, but staying by his side until his father arrived, it might have been a different story. Taking care of a little boy. He’s being pushed around himself, at that moment you’d think he would Tried to get off the pitch. But didn’t. He completely stopped to help a kid who had nothing to do with him. He probably didn’t see that it was important, but otherwise he would have been crushed,” Ollie’s mother assumed.

“He was his second favorite player and now he’s definitely his first. There’s nothing to thank him for. He probably didn’t even know how important he was. Even Ollie said ‘I might have died that day’. This It’s true, I could have. The people around me have no chance. In my heart, there are no words to thank him for what he did. I can’t imagine what would happen. She kissed his forehead and let him He was relieved. As a mother, there’s nothing to do about 1000km away… My heart stopped when I saw his dad running across the fields. Screaming? “We thank you for everything.” We are such a quick national complaint newspaper to pick up everything, but we never single out the good stuff. We have to acknowledge these types of behaviors,” he concluded.


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