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More and more Portuguese coaches are crossing borders, making their mark in Europe and around the world. The quality presented has been translated into titles and achievements with a Portuguese accent, both in major leagues and tournaments in smaller countries.


28 game
20 win
3 painting
5 fail

73 Target
25 goals conceded

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Carlos van Guero Is the latest coach to emerge in Europe.under command F91 Dudelangethe coach became the first Portuguese to win the Luxembourg championship as a team leader.

Beginning in the 2011/12 season, when he decided to emigrate, the striker from clubs such as Leixões and Vitória SC began to climb the ladder of Luxembourg football, going through training and technical coordinator positions until he became head coach. And made his European debut this season.

Champion of Luxembourg, Carlos Fangueiro is zero zero And has confessed his goal of returning to Portugal after his “dream” on his Champions League debut.

zerozero (zz): Dudelange is champion again. I believe the title has special taste for him as he is the first Portuguese coach to win the title in Luxembourg.

Carlos Vangueiro (CF): Yes, obviously I am the first Portuguese to win the title in Luxembourg, which makes me very proud. But what makes me even more happy is considering the difficulties I have encountered.When I got here it was a club [F91 Dudelange] He has a lot of money and he is probably the richest man in the country as a great sponsor of the club. However, two weeks after I arrived, because I didn’t agree with the city council, because I wanted to develop the club, I wanted to develop the infrastructure. There was no consensus and he left the rival club. He took all his money and of course he stopped putting money into the club and the starters of this team went with him because most of them ended their contracts and I stayed Those who haven’t played for two or three years. Given all the difficulties of signing players, I went here to find players in the second and third leagues. All together, it’s very difficult. On the other hand, here are some clubs with huge financial potential that are making big bets. We ended up being champions against all of them. With so much money. It tasted great in the end.

Pictured right Portuguese technicians celebrate with the DR working group

zz: The close on time between teams seems to be common after a year when they ended up two points behind No. 1. Are you always so competitive?

CF: It’s very competitive. Of all the clubs that exist here, the top eight want to be champions. There was a very strong, very big bet and five people wanted to bet. Even if it’s difficult, we know it’s going to be difficult, but we know we have good players, but they don’t have a competitive rhythm and they’re not in a good mental state. My main concern is getting these players back emotionally and giving them the necessary confidence to believe again that they are good and that they are good and have achieved it. Form a family, form a very close group. The great success of this year is the spirit of togetherness and family that we have created here. To give you an idea of ​​the financial hardship we are going through, there is a smaller sponsor in the club who likes me and believes what I say from the start. He put a lot of effort through the bank and nothing was left out as this would be the first time in the club’s history that there would be no shortage of money to pay the players. I have an option clause that can be activated, not because the president said, “Carlos, we want to be with you, but we have no chance, we have no financial possibility. The only redemption is that we become champions.” Lucky Yes it does. We are the champions and there is now an inflow of funds to stabilize the account.

zz: Also update…

CF: I updated for two years, yes. From the moment we learned we were going to be champions, several sponsors started knocking on the door wanting to sponsor the club, which was great. Relatedly, participating in the Champions League will also bring a lot of money to the club. At this point, the club is or will be in equilibrium. And well deserved.

zz: You made your debut in La Liga last season, and now you will play in the Champions League. Is it a dream?


CF: of course. My bid, especially financially, was much higher, but I ended up staying here because I know my team. Some of my players last year could have also left to make more money and stayed because they never saw anything like that in the locker room, the team, the mentality of the team. This year they’re in charge: “Sir, we live here, now you’re leaving…” That’s important to my choice. The Champions League now, it’s a dream, I hope it’s a little different from the conference. We don’t have a lot of experience and I hope the two games last season gave us more confidence in ourselves because we showed that we are better than our opponents. We have full confidence to better participate in European reparations.

zz: And if they don’t pass in the first round, there is still the possibility of continuing to participate in the European competition.

CF: is the meeting. If we don’t pass the first play-offs, we’ll go straight to the league. If we end up going through the first play-offs, if it doesn’t go well after that, we’re down to the Europa League, and from the Europa League we’re down to La Liga. Chances are good to play at least eight games in Europe.

zz: There is a lot of talk about group unions, I noticed this through several videos on social networks. Does it come from a lot of people and your abilities? Did your journey as a player also help?

qI had to go through a lot of injustice because it wasn’t easy for a Portuguese to come here six years ago and conquer what I conquered.

CF: First of all, the most important thing to me is the way I exist. Very candid with the players, very sincere, I don’t hide anything, I always defend my choices. The door to my office is always open. Sometimes they come and ask for more game time and I say, “Sit down. What do you think? He says.” He opens up. It’s me now. I’ll tell you: “Look, here’s why, this and this” Most of the time they end up leaving my office and say, “You’re really right.” That’s the first thing. And then, of course, my past experience as a football professional. Fortunately, I had a great work team, I had great friendships at the time, and even today, many years later, I still have a couple of my champions and a couple of traditions, a couple of cultural baggage. It was helpful to manage the day-to-day with my players afterwards. Then take the information, give the speech, they quickly accept and understand the concept of the game.

zz: Do you feel that, regardless of results and titles, you have made your mark on that group and club?

CF: Although I may explain the difficulties here, you will never understand 100% the difficulties we go through. There are many things that cannot be made public.We effectively left a very strong imprint

zz: It has an upward trajectory in Luxembourg. He started at Atert Bissen, passed through Titus Pétange, and is now the second-biggest champion club in the country. Is this the best moment of your career?

CF: Yes, I can say yes. It’s a path I’m very proud of because to be who I am today I have to make a lot of sacrifices and I have to hear a lot of things that are not true. I had to go through a lot of injustice because it wasn’t easy for a Portuguese to come here six years ago and conquer what I conquered. This is a very special country where everyone wants to shoot down when a foreigner starts to succeed, and I have felt that many times. Fortunately, we ended up getting stronger and succeeded. I started as a small 3-division club, still a player, then a player-coach, then a coach. I took that club to the final of the Confederations Cup, to qualify for the division. Then at Pétange, as the general coordinator of the youth training, we climbed all levels and even won championships in some. In the first team, after two and a half years as a coach, I left the club for European competition. In Dudelange, at the worst of times, I found the club bankrupt. Without a doubt, it is the most historic club in European computing, but from the moment the sponsors left, it was all over. I came to a bad moment, but we managed to keep the boat and we became champions in a lot of difficult situations and that’s why everyone now values ​​our work and the work of the players on the field.

zz: We can say that it already has a unified name.

CF: Yes, luckily. It’s no accident, it’s a huge joy, and it means the work is well done here. Most of the teams from Luxembourg have a lot of money and championship goals, and most of them asked me to be their coach. I ended up staying. I know a lot of my players aren’t the best in this game, but they add up to the best. It’s the first time I’ve imposed a Portuguese name on this tournament, which makes me very happy.

zz: The last time you talked to us was in 2019 and you said “it’s hard for Portuguese to see Luxembourg and look for Fangueiro”. Do you continue with that point, or do you have another point now that you have a title and a good set of pieces in your bag?

qThere is no doubt that I was prepared for this, because now I know the level of cultivation there, and I also know the level of cultivation here.My current team played in Portugal’s II league with relative ease

CF: I think over time people will get a better understanding of what’s going on here. If I thought 2019 was very difficult, I think it is difficult today, but it is much more difficult than 2019. Especially since the opportunity has arisen. About half a year ago, I was invited to Portugal for a project that could not be thrown away. But this is not the time. I have my family, my kids are going to university next year, they are going to Portugal, from now on, if there is an invitation, if anything happens, of course, I have to think about it, maybe accept it.

zz: Is this a hypothetical target?

CF: Yes, without a doubt. I know it will happen sooner or later.

zz: Even though the quality of football in the two countries is quite different, for example, do you think the coach is ready for such a position in the second division?

CF: must. I am fully prepared for this. I’m a very interested person, I’m very attentive, I’ve been training because we can’t think we already know everything. There is no doubt that I was prepared for this, because now I know the level of cultivation there, and I also know the level of cultivation here. My current team plays in Portugal’s II league with relative ease.

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