NASA to explain unknown flying objects

the possibility of aliens visit earth Increasingly important in the United States: NASA Announced this Thursday, the 9th, to launch in the second semester Investigation of UFOs.

NASA stressed that there is no evidence the phenomenon has extraterrestrial origins, but the issue is just as important as it concerns national security and air traffic.

After the U.S. intelligence community released a report on the subject last year, it’s now NASA’s turn to investigate the matter.

Additionally, the space agency wants to take this opportunity to de-stigmatize the topic. “One of the results of this research is that everyone understands […] The scientific process is valid for all problems, including this one,” NASA Deputy Administrator Thomas Zurbuchen said in a news release.

The official added that he himself decided to launch the investigation under the guidance of prominent aviation scientists and experts.

As probes and rovers roam various parts of the solar system in search of fossils of ancient microbes, astronomers search distant planets for ‘technological signatures’ that suggest intelligent civilizations may exist, NASA’s first investigation of an unexplained phenomenon in the sky of our own planet.

Scheduled to begin in early fall, work is expected to last nine months and produce a report that will be made available to the public.

The goals are three-fold: collect data that already exists, identify what is missing, how best to collect the data, and decide what tools will be needed to analyze it in the future.

“Today, we have very limited results from these observations,” said astrophysicist David Spergel, who will lead the work. “This makes it difficult to draw conclusions,” he believes.

However, according to NASA experts, there is a mountain of data from governments, private companies, associations and even individuals that need to be collected. The budget allocated to this project will not exceed $100,000.

In June 2021, U.S. intelligence said in a report that there was no evidence of aliens, but acknowledged that dozens of phenomena witnessed by military pilots could not be explained.

According to the Pentagon, reports of unidentified object sightings in the sky have increased dramatically over the past 20 years.

“I don’t think anyone has systematically studied unidentified aerial phenomena in the past,” said Daniel Evans, who coordinated the space agency’s research on Thursday.

However, “for decades, NASA has responded to calls to solve some of the most baffling mysteries we know, and this is no exception.”

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