New ‘rape’ of women in Meta’s virtual world raises moral and safety concerns again – Internet

The non-profit human rights organization SumOfUs, Shared report on investigation into violence that occurs in virtual space, including gang rape, sex, homophobia and racist remarksand other misconduct against users.

The report, titled “Metaverse: Another cesspool of toxic content,” underscores the inability of Facebook’s parent company Meta to moderate content across its various platforms because it left footed into its Metaverse’s moderation.and emphasize With only 300,000 users, the Horizon Worlds metaverse is already a scene of harmful and dangerous content.

“If urgent action is not taken, it will get worse. Until regulators force Meta to take responsibility for the dangers it encounters on its platform, reduce its influence in the tech industry and its reckless data-gathering practices reign, Virtual worlds will plunge into dark, toxic environments“,reading report.

SumOfUs states that without the slightest moderation, the metaverse allows Toxic behavior emerges amid normalization of sexual harassment targeting female avatarsDuring her investigation, an investigator enters the metaverse of Horizon World and is amazed at how quickly she encounters sexually harassing behavior.

About an hour into the metaverse, the researcher was ushered into a private room for a party, Where it was “raped” by another userwho keeps making him turn around and do it from behind while other users outside can see through the windowAnother user in the room watched, wandering around with a bottle of vodka in hand. The group said the sex was not consensual, leading researchers to describe the experience as “disorienting” and confusing.

have a definition A system that creates personal barriers for other users.Researchers are encouraged to turn this setting offnoting that when another user touches their avatar, the vibration is passed to the hand command, “Create a Very disorienting and disturbing physical experience during this virtual sexual harassmentEverything happened so quickly that she kind of “shuffled the cards,” the researchers said. “Part of my brain was trying to figure out what was going on, another part was telling me it wasn’t my real body, another part was pointing out This is an important investigation,” she said in the report.

The file lists Other abuse victims on different Metaverse platforms, some belonging to Meta and others available in the app on the Oculus Quest storeOne of the reports complained that she was stopped by a stranger, suggesting better mechanisms for preventing and reporting harassment. Victims said that Meta not only failed to take action against the attackers, but also accused users of improperly using security features.

Also in Horizon Worlds, user Nina Jane Patel reports that Nearly raped by a group of 3 or 4 male avatars about 60 seconds into the virtual world. Other users have reported other complaints of sexual misconduct, especially when using haptic devices.

Hate speech, including discrimination, homophobia, racism, and sexuality identified as common behavior on Metaverse platforms, which affects people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, women and children, “making these spaces dangerous and inaccessible.”The researchers also noted Metaverse tends to contain extremist content“Instead of learning from past mistakes, Meta continues to advance the Metaverse without a clear plan for how to deal with dangerous content and harmful behavior, disinformation, and hate speech.

Nick Clegg, president of global affairs for the Meta platform, said in his blog, Metaverse rules and functions are different from those currently used on social media and should not be“In the real world, just like on the internet, people yell and do all the bad things that the law doesn’t prohibit, and then abuse and attack others in those ways. In the metaverse it’s no different. Want to keep using technology The people who come to do it will always find a way to do it.”

This sometimes inappropriate behavior was also mentioned in a panel devoted to the virtual world of the Teleperformance PXP event, which mentioned The same common-sense behaviors must be adopted in the virtual world as in real life.

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