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In 2021, the platform identified over 300 million reais in NFT sales before the real estate market really entered the hot and mysterious metaverse (non-fungible tokens)a digital certificate that passes blockchain, which defines the originality and exclusivity of digital goods. Another important data shows that nearly 1/4 of them are used to purchase virtual land.

The Metaverse is the next big bet in technology (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

With stratospheric prices, these online properties offer opportunities for different brands and industries, especially civil construction, with multiple options: investment, experiences, augmented reality, NFTs, and even reducing the bureaucracy in the process of buying and selling real estate.

“The market is still very early and people and companies are still trying to understand what it’s all about, but all in all, the Metaverse creates a new user experience. Everything happens through avatars in a 3D environment where there is networking, communication and learning. NFTs seem to be a means of transacting in this environment. Where you can launch collectibles, possessions and get the benefit of being integrated into the physical world at the same time,” explained Fernando Godoy, CEO of Flex Interativa, who A pioneer in the virtual world. Brazil.

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Augmented reality is also emerging (Photo: Getty Images)

Here, we already have some examples. In January, Roca Brasil Cerâmicas was one of the first companies in the industry to venture out and present its 2022 edition in a virtual world, simulating a Showroom A virtual store of faithful products with colors and textures. In addition to exhibiting items, the company also held food classes, expert lectures, games with prizes and other activities in a virtual environment.According to company marketing manager Christie Schulka, the project also includes experiences Figital [que unem o físico e o digital].

For Fernando, the metaverse and buying NFTs is like a ticket to the most unique experience in the physical world. “Imagine a developer is launching a property in a virtual world. When visiting the virtual space, it is possible for me to buy an NFT, which would entitle me to online perks, attending lectures, or in-kind perks such as wine tastings. NFTs in addition to In addition to being able to assess my own worth, it’s also about the experience I had when I got it,” he explained.

The frenzy of this market has even led to the first real estate company dedicated exclusively to virtual worlds. Metaverse Property, sold land in Metaverse for $2.43 million.

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Property in Queens, New York, in the Upland virtual world (Photo: publicity/Upland)

In addition to buying and selling real estate and experiences for consumers, one of the benefits of the Metaverse is the reduction of bureaucracy in the process through blockchain. The combination of these two technologies ultimately eliminates the intermediary in the contract, allowing direct sales. “NFTs are far from speculative, it is not only the value of the digital artwork itself and the accumulated stratospheric value, but they are also smart contracti.e. contracts made by the blockchain network, closed directly without going through a notary or an intermediary,” explained Fernando.

In addition, he also commented timesharecan be a luxury property, such as a mansion on the beach or in the countryside, several people can get a part of the property via NFT, and everyone can use it at a certain time of year.

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A blockchain is a digital chain that stores transactions and operations (Photo: Getty Images)

At 100% digital subscription housing startup Housi, potential buyers can start investing in digital deals by acquiring a division of the company. throwback coins“For example, someone who buys an apartment from ON Jardins receives part of the property in the form of tokens in a digital wallet. The monthly income generated by these tokens is deducted from the price of the apartment. That is, the property you buy is an apartment . is much cheaper, almost zero. It increases your profitability, which is sensational for the tenant because he also has to pay fees, which is a huge draw,” said Alexandre Frankel, the company’s chief executive explained.

Gradually, this new universe is making room for creativity in the most diverse fields. Whether it’s building a believable model in a virtual world (like The Sims!), trading cryptocurrencies, or getting exclusive real-life perks. There is no doubt that the metaverse and its possibilities will continue to exist. Fernando concluded: “The proposal is to become a new digital economy, where whoever is creative will do well”.

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