NFT project changes Pokémon color and disappears for 30 million reais

© Reuters. NFT project changes Pokémon color and disappears for 30 million reais

According to a complaint from the community itself, an NFT project “changed the color of Pokémon and received 30 million reais”. In addition to false promises and agreements, according to the investigation, the funds raised have been transferred to exchanges.

The creators of the project, under the name Animoon, claim to have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the company that created the Pokémon. In this way, they have the right to use the image of the character.

“We have a partnership with TopDeck, we have signed a non-disclosure agreement with Pokémon. They get a percentage of the royalties.”

Animoon Discord moderators say they have a partnership with Pokémon.

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Red flags in NFT Pokémon projects

The poverty of art in the collection is one of the concerns observed by the community. Prove the fact that Animoons are just Pokémon with different colors and create a collection of 9,999 NFTs based on that.

“Why would Pokemon associate their intellectual property with a low-effort project and incomplete team with no gaming experience. Not to mention the art is blatant theft.”

Animoon NFT Collection

There are also benefits to owning one of the 15 legendary NFTs in the series, so point to another red flag.According to Animoon, because holders of these NFTs will receive $2,500 (R$12,000) per month as a stipend for the rest of their lives

“$2,500 per month. The first 15 cards are legendary and they automatically earn the owner $2,500 per month in lifetime benefits.”

Animoon promises $2,500 per month to its NFT holders.

Key to this series of red flags is Jack Paul’s involvement in promoting Animoon. In the long run, Paul has been involved in other lawsuits related to crypto market scams.

“It was a pleasure to be a part of this project. I love the Pokémon inspired design. Personally, I will try to get one [NFT] legendary period [venda] listed. You better not miss this opportunity. “

Despite warnings, many invest in Pokémon clones

The Animoon project, in addition to collectible cards, also promises to create a game where NFTs will be used to generate dividends, similar to how. Still, in the five months after launch, nothing broke.

The team promised investors Supreme-branded T-shirts, Air Jordan sneakers and other perks. But as mentioned, none of these products were shipped to anyone.

Even so, the team appears to have raised around 30 million reais in the sale of the series. In the investigation of the case, it was pointed out that the funds raised began to be transferred and eventually entered the exchange, indicating the end of the coup.

“Shortly after launch, the team started running ads/chats less frequently, every 3-4 weeks,” noted ZachXBT, who investigated the case. “At the same time, $6.3 million (30 million reais) was transferred to Binance and Kucoin exchanges.”

The flow of funds raised by the Animoon project is sent to the exchange.

The animation developer disappeared

Animoon’s official Twitter account was suspended and one developer’s account was deleted, much to the dismay of the project’s investors. The site, while active, is no longer functional and Discord Chat has been removed from the platform.

Finally, it should be noted that the developers said they are talking to Bandai Namco to obtain a license related to Digimon. This may just be another argument for another blow.

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