NFT.Rio promotes interactive exhibition that connects Brazil to NFT’s global digital art scene

To connect Brazilian and local artists to the international scene of the non-fungible token market, NFT.Rio will bring together the creations of a hundred artists in an interactive exhibition that will take place at Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro on June 30 and July 3.

The first international exhibition dedicated to non-fungible tokens in Brazil will focus on digital art in NFTs, bringing together some 1,000 works by well-known artists such as XCopy, as well as established projects such as Art Blocks. NFT.Rio will also feature collections from prominent collectors, such as American rapper Snoop Dogg (aka Cozomo de’ Medici), who has selected some pieces from his private collection especially for display at the event.

During the four-day event, a parallel program will bring together artists and experts for panel discussions, workshops and events and a master class that will expand on the use of NFT technology in other areas of contemporary culture such as gaming, music, sports, virtual worlds , digital communities and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations).

Key highlights will include a masterclass by the ArtBlocks team, the major NFT generative art projects on the market, a debate on the application of NFTs in sports, which will bring together skateboarder Bob Burnquist and Brazil development lead Felipe Ribbe, as well as a discussion on NFTs’ pairing A discussion of the impact of music distribution and commercialization was attended by musician and composer André Abujamra, who is also an ambassador for, the first NFT platform dedicated to music in Brazil.

in an exclusive interview Cointelegraph BrazilMarcus MPC, creator of NFT.Rio, explained that the project grew out of his experience as the founder of CryptoRastas, a Brazilian NFT project that combines reggae culture with the aesthetics of CryptoPunks, inspired by NFT.NYC, one such NFT project Pioneering event that eventually gained independence in several cultural capitals in the US and Europe, such as Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam:

“The main goal of the campaign was to take two paths of localized thinking on a global scale. One of the main motivations for creating NFT.Rio was to see Brazilian artists being placed in this global scene.”

NFT.Rio aims to bring together some of the important players in the international market with the Brazilian community of creators and collectors in a space traditionally open to experimentation in the field of contemporary art. Parque Lage is one of the most important visual arts schools in Rio de Janeiro. Not coincidentally, it was chosen as the venue for the exhibition to appeal to a wide audience, including those who are not yet familiar with NFTs, Marcus MPC explained:

“Our mission is to introduce NFT culture to new and wide audiences and to help Brazilian creators make a difference on the global stage. We chose Parque Lage as a reference space for the country’s art and a postcard for the city”.

The exhibition space will be divided into three environments. The first one is specifically for beginners and will have a didactic point of view. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the cultural and technical background of NFT development from the creation of Bitcoin (BTC) and the evolution of the blockchain network.

The second environment brings together the works themselves that can be accessed through interactive devices. Highlights on the national stage are Uno de Oliveira, Fesq and Mike Deodato, whose work will be shown alongside renowned international artists such as North American XCopy and Justin Aversano and Mexico’s Carlos Marcial. Items from the top NFT collections on the market, such as the Boring Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks will also be part of the exhibition.

Double Size – Fesq. Source: NFT.Rio (disclosure)

Finally, users will be able to interact with some of the NFTs selected for NFT.Rio in an immersive VR-based environment. Marcus MPC said that in conjunction with the event at Parque Lage, the public will also have the opportunity to access NFT.Rio in the metaverse on the Cryptovoxels platform:

“Shortly before the official opening of the exhibition, we will open our space in Metaverse. We have made a replica of Parque Lage in Cryptovoxels, some of which will be on display, in addition to some specific actions that have yet to be announced.”

NFTs take over cities

NFT.Rio has partnered with Eletromídia to spread NFTs to different parts of Rio de Janeiro in order to encourage interest and popularity of non-fungible tokens among Caribbeans, the creators of the exhibition said:

“Despite the very active NFT community in Brazil, there is still a huge number of people to reach out to. A lot of people still don’t understand what NFTs are, or have never even heard of them. In the next few days and weeks, everyone will be Come across an NFT that will be a milestone on our national stage, positioning Brazil on the global stage.”

NFT.Rio comes at a time when the non-fungible token market is affected by unfavorable global macroeconomic conditions and the fall in cryptocurrencies. The market cap and reserve price of major collections of NFTs fell, as did the volume of market moves.

However, according to Marcus MPC, this should not reduce interest in the subject. The creator of NFT.Rio and the creator of CryptoRastas believes this market pullback is a natural occurrence after last year’s explosive growth.

Conversely, Marcus MPC believes that in the long run, a temporary market cooling may ultimately benefit the market’s maturation and the ecosystem around which NFTs develop:

“In a way, that’s to be expected. When it’s new, it has a boom. People call it a bubble, but I don’t think it’s just a bubble. Then it fades a little bit, which is It’s only natural. Once the hype is over, the ostensible interest wanes, but the people who are part of the ecosystem, the creators and collectors, keep building. And the people who are just there speculating and making easy money, surfing, they leave. The market is getting more refined, which is a positive thing.”

Admission to NFT.Rio’s exhibition space will be free. Debates, seminars and masterclasses are available by paying a ticket.

Tickets are sold in two ways: a daily, which provides access to all side events on a specific date for R$ 120; or a combination, which provides access to NFT.Rio’s full four-day program for R$ 400. Anyone who buys any tickets will win two NFTs from Mercado Bitcoin, the main sponsor of the event.

As recently reported by Cointelegraph Brasil, Brazil ranks second in the global NFT adoption ranking compiled by Statista, with nearly 5 million users.

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