Nun’Álvares Benfica Women’s Futsal Final

Game summary

National Championship
at last
(Game 2)
final result
Nualvares two
Benfica 1
Cara Vanessa (4′)
Katia Morgado (35′)
Maria Pereira (25′)

tied in the play-off final of the National Women’s Futsal Championship. Benfica Discussed the second game with Nun’Álvares at the Grupo Desportivo Nun’Álvares pavilion, where the home team won 2-1.

Benfica in Minho before this decisive stage The goal is to increase to 2-0 Advantages; play at home, with public support, Northerners intend to restart final.

first minute very balanced, both teams are in the research phase and are not taking any risks. However, the marker moved ahead of time.arrive 4′in a fight back Led by Pisko, Nun’Álvares completed the 1-0Common Carla Vanessa’s first shot.

From here, house sign further backgrant Initiative for Benfica, but there are few opportunities for both sides.arrive 10′, Sarah FerreiraCommon cross shot, tested Maria Odete’s attention. Nun’Álvares responds Tanina, 12′. 20 shirt is in a good position to bypass Ana Katarina, but Completed side net. The game is more lively, in 14′In the new transition, Katia Morgado takes a shot Let Anna Katarina fit in. before rest, Ines Fernandez takes a shot Pass through the Maria Odete station (18′). The game ended with Nun’Álvares winning, 1-0.

Contrary to what happened in the first part, There are more emotions and opportunities in the complementary phase from side to side. On the one hand, Nun’Álvares wants a calm goal; on the other, Benfica are looking for a draw.

more quickly, minhotas, with Carla Vanessa forces Ana Catarina to make a major intervention (21′) and Cátia Morgado, isolated, shot from centimeters (22′). Benfica responded effectively. side launch, Maria Pereira with Angelica Alves and In the 25th minute, a shot made it 1-1. Nun’Álvares responded to the targets they suffered, with bar shot. from shooting Pisco Mid-range and, on the charge, Ana Catalina denied Katia Morgado’s attempt.

Great game, in 28′, Ines Matos hits the post. the next minute, at 29′, Sarah Ferreira aloneby Leninha, allowed In defense of Maria Odette. arrive In the 35th minute, Pisco shot Another intervention by Ana Catarina, but in the same minute Nun’Álvares did 2-1. chaotic throws, Cara Vanessa misses Anna Katarinawithout any signal, the ball is left Cátia Morgado, who won on Monday.

Soon after, in 36′the home team approaches the goal. Cara Vanessa’s Personal Work, Anna Katarina’s Missiles and Defenses. Luís Estrela responded by putting 5×4 Benfica. Nun’Álvares had several shots on the red goal, trying to take advantage of the goalkeeper’s absence, but without success.arrive In the 39th minute, Derrika crossed the ball Goal from Maria Odette. Final result: 2-1.

The third game of the final was held at Pavilhão n.º 2 da Luz, June 16 at 5 p.m.

Ines Matos

Nun’Álvares Group Pavilion
Benfica’s starting five
Ana Catalina, Ines Fernandez, Sarah Ferreira, Maria Pereira and Leninha
Marta Costa, Maria Inês, Thaila Mertins, Catarina Lopes, Inês Matos, Beatriz Carrola, Dricas, Kalê and Angélica Alves
Nun’Álvares starting five
Maria Odete, Pisko, Ana Pires, Cátia Morgado and Carla Vanessa
Bruna Barros, Cátia Tavares, Lara Bogas, Maria Costa, Taninha, Inês, Liana, Isa and Ritinha
during rest 1-0
Benfica: Maria Pereira (25′); Nun’Álvares: Carla Vanessa (4′) and Cátia Morgado (35′)

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