Pokémon GO crosses with Pokémon TCG

Pokemon TCGthe franchise card game also called Pokemon Trading Card Game (GCT), will get a theme extension based on Pokemon GO. The two series will have a special collaboration between June 16th and 30th, with mobile games and card games running simultaneously.

In the augmented reality game, trainers will have the opportunity to capture a Pikachu wearing a Pikachu-themed hat. GCT. This Pikachu can also appear as a card in the expansion pack. Pokemon GO. The Electric Mouse joins the Wimpod and Golisopod, which will also debut in Travel Journey and Expansion Packs.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Crossover Event in GO

From Thursday, June 16th at 10am to Thursday, June 30th at 8pm (local coach time), Pokemon GO Receive a special trading card event.Beyond Pikachu, Wimpod, and Golisopod, time to open the mystery box go will decrease.This item is the key to capturing Meltan, which can be obtained by sending Pokémon to Pokemon House From mobile games.

Lunatone and Solrock will Pokemon go around the world during the event. With any luck, players can find one of these species in the shiny version. After the event, Lunatone will appear in the Western Hemisphere and Solrock will appear in the Eastern Hemisphere.View all the most frequently spawned little monsters during the event GCT exist go

  • big head dragon
  • ivy dragon
  • Charmander
  • squirrel
  • beetle
  • Aroran Lada Tower
  • Pikachu wearing a Pokemon TCG hat
  • slow
  • magikarp
  • Ibrahimovic
  • spinach
  • nature
  • Apple
  • number
  • Bidouf
  • Pidolph
  • Weibod
  • New York City
  • Qian Xi
  • snoring
  • dragon stone
  • aging
Small monsters that will appear more frequently on GO maps during the event, including glowing versions. (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech/Niantic)

Mewtwo in the Raid

During the crossover event, the legendary Mewtwo will appear in the 5-star raid Pokemon GOand Mewtwo V will appear in the expansion Pokemon GO Featuring special art inspired by Raids.

Mewtwo trainers captured from June 16th at 10AM local time until June 23rd at 10AM local time will encounter the Charged Attack Shadowball. Mewtwo captured from June 23rd at 10AM local time until July 1st at 10AM local time will experience a Psi Strike charge attack.

In addition, the extended product Pokemon GO of Pokemon TCG Will include promo codes redeemable for various in-game avatar items, such as matching Pikachu-themed hats and t-shirt kits Illustration prints. The promo code is valid from July 17, 2022 to July 31, 2024 and can be redeemed on the official Niantic Labs website.

Special raids during the Pokémon GO crossover event. (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech/Niantic)

Brilliant starting threesome

As part of the upcoming expansion pack, trainers will be able to collect and play cards that, in addition to their evolutions, will feature fan favorites Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.like Shiny Venusaur, Shiny Charizard and Shiny Blastoise Pokemon GO, These Pokémon will be in Pokemon TCG Has powerful attack power and abilities.

The Cross-Game Collaboration Pack will be available at participating retailers worldwide from July 1, 2022. Pokemon GO It is available for free download on mobile devices with Android and iOS, the Google Play Store and the Apple Store digital store.

Source: Pokemon goes live

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