Rabies vaccination starts in 37 municipalities in northern Minas

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37 municipalities that make up the realm of ​​operation of the Regional Health Superintendence of Montes Claros – (SRS) started on Monday, August 1, the implementation of the rabies vaccination marketing campaign. This 12 months, the forecast is that in 54 municipalities round 240,000 canine and cats will likely be vaccinated.
To perform the marketing campaign, the regional well being inspectorate handed on greater than 212,500 doses of vaccines to the municipalities. As in earlier years, the amount has elevated by 5% in comparison with 2021. In the approaching weeks, one other 35,145 doses will likely be delivered to the well being departments of Montes Claros, Janaúba, Francisco Sá and Bocaiúva to complement the required amount for utility in the animals.

The municipalities receiving the most important quantity of vaccines this 12 months are: Montes Claros (55 thousand doses); Bocaiuva (13 thousand 645); Janaúba (12 thousand 750); Francisco Sá (11 thousand 500); Rio Pardo de Minas (9 thousand 125); Porteirinha (8 thousand 625); Jaíba (8 thousand 500) and Espinosa (7 thousand 500).

(*37*) Meireles, technical reference from the Health Surveillance Coordination of the SRS in Montes Claros explains that this Saturday the sixth the vaccination marketing campaign will begin in Francisco Sá. On Monday the eighth, 9 extra municipalities will start rabies vaccination: Captain Enéas; Catuti; Crystal; Milk fruit; Guaraciama; Indaiabira; Josenopolis; Vargem Grande do Rio Pardo and Verdelândia.
In Montes Claros, the most important municipality in northern Minas, the vaccination marketing campaign will likely be held between August 14 and 28. The aim is to vaccinate all canine and cats inside 45 days of the beginning of the marketing campaign in every location.


The coordinator of well being surveillance at SRS, Agna Soares da Silva Menezes, explains that rabies is an acute viral infectious illness that impacts mammals, together with people. It is characterised as a progressive encephalitis with a mortality fee of roughly 100%.
“It is a illness that may be eradicated in its city cycle by vaccination of canine and cats, in addition to the existence of efficient prevention measures, akin to human immunization; the supply of human anti-rabies serum and the implementation of focus blocks”, notes the coordinator.
The illness is transmitted to people via the saliva of contaminated animals, primarily via bites. The illness can be transmitted by scratching or licking these animals, together with bats.

The incubation interval varies between species, from days to years, with a median of 45 days in people, and could also be shorter in youngsters. In canine and cats, the excretion of virus via saliva happens two to 5 days earlier than the looks of scientific indicators and persists all through the course of the illness (transmissibility interval). The loss of life of the animal happens on common between 5 and 7 days after the presentation of signs.
The interval of virus transmission in wild animals isn’t recognized with certainty. However, it’s recognized that bats can harbor the virus for a protracted interval with out seen signs.


After the incubation interval, nonspecific scientific indicators and signs of rabies seem, lasting on common two to 10 days. During this era, the affected person presents with common malaise; small temperature rise; anorexia; headache; nausea; sore throat; numbness; irritability; restlessness and feeling anxious.

Swelling, elevated sensitivity to the touch or ache, chilly, warmth, tingling, prickling, numbness or strain in the peripheral nerves close to the chunk website and behavioral modifications could happen and complex, akin to: elevated anxiousness and hyperexcitability; fever; delusions; involuntary, generalized muscle spasms or cramps.

Spasms in the muscle groups of the larynx, pharynx, and tongue happen when the affected person sees or tries to ingest liquid, inflicting intense drooling (“hydrophobia”). Muscle spasms progress to paralysis, resulting in cardiorespiratory modifications, urinary retention, and intestinal constipation. It can also be noticed the presence of dysphagia, aerophobia, hyperacusis and photophobia.

The affected person stays aware, with a interval of hallucinations, till the onset of coma and loss of life. The interval of improvement of the scientific image, after indicators and signs are put in till loss of life, is usually from two to seven days.


Laboratory affirmation in life, that’s, prognosis of human rabies circumstances, could be carried out by the direct immunofluorescence technique, corneal impression, lingual mucosa scraping or pores and skin biopsy from the cervical area. The sensitivity of those exams is restricted. and, when they’re unfavourable, the potential of an infection can’t be excluded. An post-mortem is extraordinarily essential for diagnostic affirmation.

Rabies is an nearly at all times deadly illness the place the perfect safety measure is vaccination earlier than or after publicity to the virus. When antirabies prophylaxis doesn’t happen and the illness units in, a humane rabies therapy protocol can be utilized, primarily based on induction of deep coma, use of antiviral brokers and different particular medicine. However, you will need to level out that not all rabies sufferers, even these submitted to the protocol, survive.

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